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January 11, 2013, 02:17 PM
Who makes it in this year??

Larry Allen (G/T), Jerome Bettis (RB), Tim Brown (WR), Cris Carter (WR), Curley Culp (DT/G), Edward DeBartolo Jr. (owner), Kevin Greene (LB), Charles Haley (DE), Art Modell (owner), Jonathan Ogden (OT), Bill Parcells (coach), Andre Reed (WR), Dave Robinson (LB), Warren Sapp (DT), Will Shields (G), Michael Strahan (DE), Aeneas Williams (CB)
January 11, 2013  02:27 PM ET

My four picks are Dave Robinson, Jerome Bettis, Charles Haley, Kevin Greene.

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January 11, 2013  08:39 PM ET

Eddie DeBartolo_____ Bill Parcells_____ Tim Brown______Charles Haley_____ Kevin Greene_____ Cris Carter______ Larry Allen.

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January 12, 2013  11:34 AM ET

Kevin Greene - Bill Parcells - Curly Culp - Charles Haley.

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January 12, 2013  12:27 PM ET

Larry Allen - no brainer.
Curley Culp - virtually invented the nose guard position.
Michael Strahan - he played in New York for crying out loud... They always get in.
Jerome Bettis - he just belongs.
Cris Carter - he's waited long enough.
Art Modell - now that he has moved on to the next plain...

Dave Robinson - probably gets in but the fact that Jerry Kramer isn't in the HOF still sucks.

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January 12, 2013  01:58 PM ET

Where are you on Donnie Shell? I know that Dallas fans think Charlie Waters belongs, and I agree...right after Shell gets in. I don't understand why they're both not in already. Dave Brown should get some attention, too.

I still think Shell gets in. That dude practically invented the prototypical "Cover 2" safety. Every bit as good as John Lynch.

As far as Waters goes... There is a bigger well of support down here for Captain Crash. I know you guys aren't fans of him (although I'm sure you're fans of Jack Lambert's response to him patting Gerela on the helmet) but I think Cliff Harris belongs in also.

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January 12, 2013  03:46 PM ET

Wow, that surprises me about Waters. I thought both he and Harris were terrific, but Waters, man, he was something.Funny story about Lambert and Harris. Lambert claims that the referee actually threw him out, and Lambert screamed something like "You can't throw me out, it's the Super Bowl," and that was that.I'm not sure I'd put Harris in. If so, then that would bring Mike Wagner into the conversation, and he isn't a Hall of Famer. From those Steelers teams, I'd put Shell in. And Andy Russell. God, Russell could play linebacker for me any day. Lots of folks think L.C. Greenwood deserves it, but I don't know. Chuck Noll thinks Larry Brown belongs, but he won't get in, either.

Harris is the only member of the All Decade first team Defense from the 70's not in the HOF.

Oh - and Drew Pearson is the only member of the All Decade first team Offense from the 70's not in the HOF.

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January 12, 2013  04:22 PM ET

Allen, Bettis, Ogden.

January 12, 2013  05:15 PM ET

I liked Drew Pearson, man. Great, great receiver.

And I was a huge Jack Ham fan... Classy guy and a perfect OLB.


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