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January 14, 2013, 01:56 PM
Although he has thus far survived the wave of firings since the NFL???s regular season ended, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is reportedly being pressured by owner Jerry Jones. Jones is pushing Garrett to relinquish play-calling duties, according to ESPN???s Chris Mortensen (via ProFootballTalk).

Garrett, the former Cowboys quarterback and offensive coordinator, is known as an offensive specialist, while the team hired Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator this week to replace axed coach Rob Ryan. But Garrett came under fire after Dallas missed the playoffs for the third straight year at 8-8, particularly for his clock management.

Jones also wants Garrett to fire his brother, John, the team???s tight ends coach who is calling around the league in search of other jobs, according to Mortenson.

John Garrett also played at Princeton and participated in Cowboys training camp as a wide receiver in 1988. He came to Dallas as a coach along with his brother in 2007 and also held the title of ???passing game coordinator??? the last two years.

The move could be Jones??? way of forcing Jason Garrett out.
January 14, 2013  02:31 PM ET

Chris Mortenen doesn't know squat and is just floating his opinion.

January 14, 2013  03:10 PM ET

Jones is making under the radar moves right now.

Firing Ryan was the right decision. Ryan was mediocre in yards allowed and terrible in points allowed and turnovers forced...hopefully Kiffin will fix that.

John Garrett is a waste of time. His development beyond Witten has been poopie...another need to go move.

Skip Peete got canned...another correct decision since Peete has not had a 1,000yd rusher in 6 seasons.

Jason Garrett is a tougher decision. His talent evaluation has been solid. His play calling has slipped in recent years. I think if Jones gets Bill Callahan to call plays, that would be a step hopefully in the right direction.

By making that last move, he improves 2 Coaching spots...HC and OC. It allows Garrett to manage the team properly while using Callahan's experience to call plays. If Garrett would give input only, that would be another good decision.

If the team fails to make the playoffs again in 2013, then Garrett goes and you hire Gruden who had Kiffin in Tampa.

January 18, 2013  03:15 PM ET

Jones is making under the radar moves right now. If the team fails to make the playoffs again in 2013, then Garrett goes and you hire Gruden who had Kiffin in Tampa.

How about if Jerry Jones sells the team to an owner that hires a competent GM to handle all football related operations.


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