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January 23, 2013, 12:34 PM
Why all the hype? For the last few years he's padded his record with wins over no names & has beens, he loses his only recent fight against a top opponent (Condit) & now he gets a title shot? And for those saying "what about BJ Penn?", just stop. BJ was a great fighter, he had his day in the sun, but now the sun has set and he no longer has the physical ability to fight at a championship level. Little Nicky Diaz just got lucky enough to catch him early enough into his decline that people still give him credit for it. I'm no more impressed here than I was when Danny Williams beat Mike Tyson.
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January 24, 2013  08:16 AM ET

Dan Hardy....

January 24, 2013  08:17 AM ET

Rashad Evans....

January 24, 2013  08:17 AM ET

Chael Sonnen...

January 24, 2013  08:17 AM ET


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January 24, 2013  12:32 PM ET

All those guys, with the possible exception of Dan Hardy, have shown me a lot more than Nicky Diaz has, and none of those guys, except Fedor, gets the kind of attention Diaz does.

January 24, 2013  12:35 PM ET

He'll get beat again, but then isn't everyone who loses to GSP overrated in your mind?

Stupid post. Look Mrs. Diaz, if you want to make the case that your **** son is one of the top fighters make the case. Who's he beaten?

January 24, 2013  12:36 PM ET

"d. - b. a. g." is filtered on here?

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January 24, 2013  01:24 PM ET

I told you, he beat Carlos Condit. Didn't you watch the fight? Carlos ran an entire marathon. Did Nick tee of on your mom or something?And I don't make stupid posts. I'm a demi god in the same vein as Mr. S. You should accept Mr. S are you lord and savior and he will open the gates of his kingdom if you display the honor and respect of all he provides his followers.

Your wife sucks ****, every night, swallows my ****, & loves it. I just thought it was funny that your wife does me the way you do Nicky Diaz.

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January 24, 2013  01:42 PM ET

Maybe you should wipe Nicky's seed from your chin. And your mom can wipe mine from hers.

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January 24, 2013  01:55 PM ET

The word "gunt" just brightens up my day.

Jim's wife's gunt brightens mine. After I make her wash it, of course. Lucky for me he hasn't stretched it.

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