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May 6, 2013, 09:35 PM
I've been enjoying some Twitter banter between T.O. and Mike Florio with Pro Football Talk today... Thought I would share with the crickets...

This is the topic Florio posted...

ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk 5 May
T.O. wants to play for Pats, who don't want T.O.

T.O. wants Pats, who don???t want T.O.
Three Super Bowl champions have been crowned since the last time Terrell Owens played in a regular-season NFL game. And yet he still talks about coming back. And the media still reacts when he...

He evidently interviewed one Ryan Michael (whose work I am not familiar with). The following is the conversation that took place in response to Florio's post.

Ryan Michael @theryanmichael 24h
@terrellowens I didn't care for the negative spin @ProFootballTalk put on our interview. Expect a defense-article coming up soon.

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 17h
@theryanmichael @profootballtalk they're ALWAYS NEGATIVE!!

ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk
@terrellowens . . . We've argued in the past for you to get another chance. After 2 full seasons out of the NFL, we're being realistic.

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 7h
@ProFootballTalk what's ur view of realistic? That y'all think I'm too old or that I can't play? You guys hv NO CLUE. ALL NEGATIVE frm PFT

DashMan @DashMan18 7h
@terrellowens @ProFootballTalk No negative hate when one of their fellow @nbc employees (Al Michaels) gets a DWI. Fishy...

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 7h
@DashMan18 @profootballtalk @nbc Really?! That happened? And they're not reporting it? Hmmm

ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk 7h
@terrellowens . . . You didn't make it past the first cut last year in Seattle, and no NFL team has signed you since then. #realistic

DashMan ?@DashMan18 7h
@terrellowens @ProFootballTalk @nbc They buried it on their site. No Twitter link to the story.But theyll **** on next player who gets a DWI

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 7h
@ProFootballTalk ask Pete why they didn't. Me not playing there has nothing to do w/my ability to play. ??

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 7h
@DashMan18 @profootballtalk @nbc what's up with the Al Michaels story @ProFootballTalk... Let's talk #realistics

Evan Fonseca @Evd95 7h
@terrellowens @ProFootballTalk it has everything to do with your abilitly to play. You dropped how many passing for TDs in preseason?

SmashGame Athletics @Itsnadagame 7h
@terrellowens Why give the haters the time of day TO? Keep doing what you been doing ad keep it moving! C'mon big dog, you know better!

Thomas Gadfly @ThomasGadfly 7h
@terrellowens @ProFootballTalk AGE. Look at Moss, his lack of production doesn't exactly help the case for TO. AGE. Teams dont want LOUD.

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 7h
@ThomasGadfly I'm not him, he's not me. :-)

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 4h
@Evd95 @profootballtalk 1! Ur point is? Lol.

Terrell Owens @terrellowens 4h
@Itsnadagame just having a lil twitter fun/banter w/some wanna be athletes behind the switchboard
May 6, 2013  10:28 PM ET


His personality eclipses 'his ability'.

May 7, 2013  07:10 AM ET

OBD,His personality eclipses 'his ability'.

EZ - he still doesn't get it.

May 7, 2013  11:02 AM ET

UGH! It annoys me that he can't even spell things right on twitter...

*such a stupid pet peeve*

May 7, 2013  07:25 PM ET

UGH! It annoys me that he can't even spell things right on twitter...*such a stupid pet peeve*

It's one of those Twitter "things" I've learned to get past, Sweets. I'm more entertained by his continued media bashing. Always someone else's fault.


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