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July 5, 2013, 02:09 PM
I wonder if Pek and his agent are going to wait on Dwight to choose his next team. I hope not since he could take another month to decide. Hopefully Flip can seal the deal soon. Then I hope he can figure out a way to bring AK47 back.
July 5, 2013  02:14 PM ET

Do you really think we have any room for AK? I just don't see it.

July 5, 2013  02:28 PM ET

cool, I think if Flip happens to have a cap clearing trade available to him such as dumping Luke or JJ or both it is possible as long as AK is willing to take 5 or 6 million per year. Supposedly OKC has a preference to sign and trade KMart as opposed to letting him walk. I they were interested in Luke or JJ I think there is a possibility AK can be retained.

Another option is trading Derrick for a future first round pick. Maybe Boston would be interested. not that I want to trade Derrick necessarily but I could see Flip dealing him away. With a Ricky Martin starting back court, having AK at the 3 makes so much sense. I hope Flip can make it happen.

July 5, 2013  02:29 PM ET

If the Wolves traded JJ or Luke + Stiemsma to OKC for Martin, I don't see why AK couldn't be brought back.

July 5, 2013  03:07 PM ET

If the Wolves traded JJ or Luke + Stiemsma to OKC for Martin, I don't see why AK couldn't be brought back.

Years of being a TWolves fan makes me doubt that this will happen...but this scenario would be awesome.

July 5, 2013  03:11 PM ET

No doubt Pek's agent will wait for Howard's decision. But I still don't see the teams with cap space making big offers to Pek if they strike out on Howard. Houston has Asik and Dallas will likely save it's cap space for next summer's pool of free agents. Atlanta might make a bid for Pekovic. The Hawks are the only team that really concerns me now.

Here's a thought. How swapping Pekovic or Asik and filler in a sign-and-trade. I haven't looked yet to see what the filler might be, but that might be a good move for the Wolves. My first thought is that the Rockets wouldn't be interested. On the other hand, McHale is the guy who drafted Pekovic and the Rockets could really use some low post scoring to complement the more primeter-oriented shooting they get from Harden and Parsons.

July 5, 2013  04:01 PM ET

We'll certainly have to wait on Dwight's Decision. Pek's camp is going to wait until Dwight has a team so that the teams that lost out on him will possibly make bids on Pek. Am I the only one that thinks if Pek really does want to come back, then he shouldn't sign any offer sheet from another team and just work one out with Flip, just the two of them? Makes the most sense for Minnesota.

Like I was just beginning to say on the ESPN forum, I think we should pursue Evan Turner via trade. I love AK, but I don't think it's wrong to say that Turner's possibly a better option. Younger, more athletic, more durable, potential to grow, etc.

Lip, the Asik idea would be interesting. I would only do it if there was absolutely no shot at bringing Pek back.

July 5, 2013  04:33 PM ET

Ok i could be wrong here, but if we wanted to Sign AK47 to a new deal then sign Pek to push us over the cap we could right?

July 5, 2013  06:41 PM ET

Correct, redemption. We can do it in either order. We have bird rights to re-sign Pek above the cap and non-bird rights to re-sign AK47 above the cap.

July 5, 2013  09:00 PM ET

Lip, don't we have to renounce AK's rights to sign Martin though?

July 5, 2013  09:13 PM ET

I was hoping Flip would try and sign Pek before he got courted by any other teams. More likely to get a reasonable deal done. If they aren't receptive to that, I would be looking at Houston for a trade for Asik. He would give us enough at C, and would also give us a little more money to work with going forward.

July 6, 2013  06:49 PM ET

I think is Dallas is out of it, as they might be going after Bynum. Need to sign Pek, hopefully it's done soon.


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