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July 5, 2013, 04:06 PM
The Warriors have sent Biedrins and Jefferson's terrible contracts to Utah (trade info not available yet). THEN they made a 4 year/$48M offer to Iguodala and he accepted.

That really took me by surprise. I'm wondering how many first round picks they had to send to Utah or if they gave up Barnes in that trade and then signed his replacement in Iggy.

Very confusing.

**Also, Clippers are keeping Matt Barnes on a three year deal.
July 5, 2013  04:32 PM ET

I'm curious what Utah got out of this deal, I'm assuming a 2014 first round pick. I guess we can chalk up Utah as another tanking team for Wiggins. If GS can get Howard for Bogut and Barnes plus two future 1st's, then I think that they'll be one of the best teams in the league.

July 5, 2013  04:45 PM ET

Just read that GS's 2014 pick is included. That would be a VERY interesting team.

July 5, 2013  05:32 PM ET

I kinda hope that Howard signs with the Rockets, not only because I like what Houston is doing but because the Warriors would look kind of foolish giving up two 1sts for Iggy. Even if the Warriors don't get Howard they should still be really entertaining. From a Wolves perspective Howard leaving LA hurts us no matter what (unless he goes to the Hawks, but who really thinks that's gonna happen?)

July 5, 2013  05:49 PM ET

A couple months into last season I said that Howard would end up in Dallas. Looks like it's down to Houston and LA. I don't really care where he goes to be honest. I think a healthy T-Wolves team with one more defensive addition could possibly be better than the team he goes to.

July 5, 2013  06:01 PM ET

Just announced he's going to Houston. Houston still has a few moves left this offseason I think, but Harden/Howard/Parsons is a really solid core. If they get a proven PG they could be challengers to the Thunder for the best record in the West

July 5, 2013  07:29 PM ET

First off, cam and Volans, nice to see you guys here. Thanks cam for discovering this board.

It's a good deal for both Utah and golden state. Utah is now all in on favors,lantern,Hayward and Burke as the future with al and milsap out. They get 2 1st out of it.

For the warriors, they are ready to compete now, curry,iggy,Kay andbarnes are solid and complimenting core of perimeter players. Just need to add a backup pg. they may have missed out on dh but bout is still there. If bogut can stay healthy, he is a very good defensive anchor and top rebounder in the league. Compliment their perimeter guys and David lee very well.

July 5, 2013  07:30 PM ET

I mean kanter and not lantern, auto spell check on the iPad...


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