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February 20, 2009, 01:58 PM
Guy 1: "Did you know that the World Champion Phillies have a likely Hall of Famer in their rotation?"
Guy 2: "Cole Hamels sure was great in the playoffs! Even though I love him, I'm not sure he's proven he's Hall worthy yet"
Guy 1: "No dude, I'm not talking about Hamels, I'm talking about Jamie Moyer."
Guy 2: "What?!? What are you smoking?"

Laugh boys and girls, but I think there is a real chance that Jamie Moyer is a Hall of Famer!

Lets take a deeper look at Jamie Moyer...

The World Series ring helps his chances, its not what gets him, but it certainly helps.

I think Jamie Moyer's chances of getting in will hinge on getting to 300 wins and pitching when he is 50 years old. If you look at things, neither of these are that far fetched. Moyer is now 46, has 246 wins, and is under contract with the Phillies for two more seasons.

With the Phillies offense behind him, 15 wins in each of the next two years is achievable. That puts him at age 48 with 276 wins. If he can put up ERA's anywhere in the mid 4's in Philadelphia's ballpark, he will be a bargain to be resigned because:

1. even at 48 he's not a real injury risk because he doesn't throw that hard
2. He is an innings eater.
3. He really wants to pitch and likely will accept whatever pay the Phillies will give him
4. He's a great clubhouse influence and mentor.
5. He will be chasing the 300 win milestone, and the tag of being a 50 year old pitcher. These things are great stuff for little kids, dads on Sunday afternoon games, and ticket sales.

My guess is barring a serious injury (which is possible), Moyer pitches out his current contract and signs another two year deal. He would only need to win 12 games each of those two years to reach 300 wins and reach the magic age of 50.

So at age 50, Jamie 'Grandpa' Moyer would be sitting on top of a career of 300 wins, a World Series ring, and will have been the oldest major league pitcher to win a game or pitch in a game (passing Jack Quinn). He also did have 4 seasons in Seattle, and 1 in Chicago of over 200 innings pitched and an under 3.5ERA. He is also a two time 20 game winner. So while Moyer has not been known for electric stuff it is clear that he was capable of pitching at a hall of fame level in select seasons.

Ultimately, I believe this line would get him into the Hall of Fame.


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