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July 6, 2013, 03:05 PM
JR's newly signed contract is very attractive to many teams in the NBA.

The Bucks wanted JR.

The Bucks lost JJ Reddick, Monta Ellis, and now Brandon Jennings wants an extension more than his paltry 4.5M qualifying offer from the Bucks. Jennings wants 10-12M/yearly long-term deal. The Bucks signed OJ Mayo, and are looking to re-signing Jennings for big $$$$. Jennings has also stated the he wants to be "THE MAN", which may pose a problem with OJ Mayo. Jennings has stated he wants to be the first All-Star for the Bucks since Michael Redd.

The Bucks can have Jennings, JR Smith and Iman Shumpert for less.

With Tim Hardaway Jr on board, the Knicks should look to trade (if allowed under the current CBA rules considering Knicks' payroll) JR Smith and Shumpert for OJ Mayo and perhaps a first-round pick.

Trade: JR Smith and Shumpert
Receive: OJM and a first-round pick

Knicks can either use the pick to draft, trade straight up for a bonafide PG to back up Felton or to start, or use the pick to sweeten a package involving Amare in a trade to rid the payroll of 2yrs/40+M left on Amare's contract. This provides more cap space and flexibility to improve the team.
July 6, 2013  04:18 PM ET

Its a decent trade for conversation sake on here. That's all really. It will be difficult to trade Stoudemire because he does have a huge contract no matter how much you "sweeten" the deal. That's just huuuuge of a contract.

hmm, are you an ESPN poster? I think I've seen your name before. I'm Jenna, welcome dude.

July 6, 2013  04:24 PM ET

I was here a year ago and i do have 3 handles and normally on the NCAAF message boards but left because there just wasnt enuff people so I went back to espn. But i guess some will come over

July 6, 2013  04:28 PM ET

sometimes u do feel like ur in the twilite zone here

July 7, 2013  12:01 PM ET

Agreed don't think we can get rid of Amare at this point, best we can hope for is to get some productive minutes out of him.

July 8, 2013  11:50 AM ET

It is hard to think of a player being signed as a free agent and traded immediately. I would think that would certainly hurt NY's chances of signing free agents in the future. He signed that deal with them because he wanted to play in NY. Not because it was the best contract he could get.

And as for trading Amare, I think next year is the only year that could happen, when a team could take his hit for one year and no more, and get some picks or a player on a good deal. A GM and coach would have to be getting a LOT of picks/young cheap players in that deal to tie up 20 mil a year in a player who might not even play much at all for them. To do that for two years, would put a serious hindrance on their ability to win (and thus keep their jobs).

I just don't think the Knicks have any sort of players (outside of Melo) worth trading for that would make that deal work (outside of trading an utter bust of their own on a long term deal). You would be asking a team to take on what is clearly the worst NBA contract in the league (sorry Joe Johnson, and Eric Gordon, you get beat out).

There is ONE chance, and I am not sure it is possible. A team with an amnesty clause. Knicks used theirs on Billups already or Amare would be gone. But could NY trade a bunch of picks and Stoudemire for a bad (but not crippling) contract?

Maybe something like Stoudemire and picks for a guy like John Salmons, Drew Gooden, or Tyrus Thomas. Players a team will use the amnesty on, but could get rid of, use their clause on Stoudemire and gain some picks in the process. Knicks still take a bad contract, but instead of 20 mil a year, it is more like 7 mil a year.

I am not even sure that is legal (can you trade then amnesty?) but if it was, and I was NY, I would be checking into it. The picks wouldn't hurt NY as much as other teams as they are a top free agent destination, and it would help a team like Milwaukee, Sacramento, or Charlotte.


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