July 27, 2013, 04:55 PM
GREEN BAY......... I put Green Bay on top because of their coaching, plus they have the best QB in the NFL. Although G.B. made some progress in improving their defensive line and Running Backs. They still failed to address their Offensive Line, they cannot continue to allow Rodgers to take all those sacks. Green Bays first 3 games are against teams that made the playoffs last year @ 49ers, Washington, @ Cincinnati, BYE WEEK. They then must play 13 straight games. Although Green Bay has gotten better so has their division.

DETROIT........ I'm putting Detroit here because their coach is on the hot seat, their city is Bankrupt, and they did address the losing of Jahvid Best, by signing Reggie Bush. Then improving their pass rush with Ziggy Ansah. If they cannot contend with Green Bay and Minnesota then they need to get a new coach.

MINNESOTA ........ Someone has to be in 3rd, but like I said, this is a 3 way race, who knows maybe 4. Minnesota with the addition of Cordarrelle Patterson are a week passing game, could Matt Cassel take Christian Ponders job? Good thing they have the best RB in the NFL. Minnesota plays 4 games before the BYE WEEK and then must play 12 straight games.

CHICAGO ......... Marc Trestman will not push this team over the top this year. Having Jay Cutler say " The team has not bought into what Trestman wants them to do" raises some eyebrows. Will Urlacher retiring be that significant of a blow ? Chicago did not do very well in the draft taking Guard Kyle Long in the 1st round, and that was their best pick.

The NFC North will play the NFC East, which is better? I think the NFC North is the 2nd best division in the NFC. They will also play the AFC North. It will not be an easy schedule.
July 27, 2013  06:31 PM ET

Green Bay

August 2, 2013  01:49 AM ET

Chicago has the overall roster top to bottom in this division. Green Bay has the best QB..I am not sure who will win this division, Green Bay or Chicago, but they both will make the playoffs.

The Bears no longer have the weight of Lovie Smith weighing down this offense, and they should be able to blossom...

Detroit and Minnesota have been both over achieving teams...and will not be so lucky this year.

August 3, 2013  11:10 AM ET

Did the mighty handshake from Harbaugh in 2011 sap all the strength from Jim Schwartz? Ever since then Detroit has gone down hill, even the city has gone bankrupt.

Schwartz is on the Hot Seat- Even though I have Detroit at #2, don't be surprised if they win the NFC North.

August 3, 2013  02:05 PM ET

Chicago has the overall roster top to bottom in this division.

1-6 vs. gb the last 3 seasons...

you can have the better roster - in your opinion lol - and ill take the team that wins. tough to win the division if you cant beat your rival.

minnesota will regress to the mean. cant expect ad to go for 2000+ or go 5-1 in one score games while staying pretty healthy. its really all on ponder. for stretches last season he did play very well...but then again for a good stretch he was awful. if he can just be a bit more consistant they could be legit, but im not buying it till i see it.

imo as long as schwartz is the hc of the lions they will have a hard time discipline, no consistency.

gb takes this division again. prolly around 12-4. too much aaron and co. on offense and a vastly improved defense.

August 3, 2013  04:07 PM ET


I don't figure Chicago come's in "dead last", this year. but, Everyone has opinions.

August 3, 2013  05:55 PM ET

The Bears have the best roster in the North division? What an **** joke..

August 3, 2013  06:35 PM ET

Chicago-GB 1 or 2

Vikes 3

Lions 4


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