July 29, 2013, 05:52 PM
CINCINNATI- On paper the Bengals look awesome, they have probably the best roster in the AFC at so many positions, they even were able to grab James Harrison from the Steelers which should make their defense better. They also had another great draft thanks to the Oakland Raiders and Carson Palmer. They got the #1 TE in the draft Tyler Eifert, a great blocking back in Giovanni Bernard , and DE Margus Hunt the Combine freak. The problem is that their QB is on the Hot Seat, and maybe their coach should be on the Hot Seat also. If Dalton cannot make magic happen then they should switch to Josh Johnson. If Lewis refuses to make any changes and the team does not reach the AFC Conference Championship. Then Lewis needs to be fired. Any coach without a job would jump at the chance of coaching the talent on the Bengal's.

PITTSBURGH- Pittsburgh loses Harrison and Wallace. Their defense is getting old and Roethlisberger has taken to many hits. Hopefully this season David DeCastro will stay healthy and the OL will provide better protection for their QB. They had a decent draft.

BALTIMORE - Some might think this is unfair to put the Ravens in 3rd place. Well Baltimore has lost to many players and recently Dennis Pitta went down with a fractured hip and will be out for the season, that plus the trading of Anquan Boldin to the 49ers stripped the Ravens of Flaccos 2 favorite receivers. I never thought Flacco was a very good QB or at least not worth the money they paid him, when Pitta went down they say Flacco looked dejected and lost . They will be neck and neck with Pittsburgh unless they find a TE to act as Flaccos safety valve. Not even sure if they will be able to beat Denver in the opening game @Denver.

CLEVELAND- Your owner is $4-5 BILLION in debt and is being investigated for fraud. You lost your top scorer Phil Dawson who went to the 49ers along with your backup QB Colt McCoy and ex coach Eric Mangini. They have a new coach Rob Chudzinski, a new GM Mike Lombardi. QB Weeden might lose his job to Jason Campbell who came over from Chicago. Browns fans need to pray that Jimmy Haslen goes to jail and has to sell the team. That is the only way they will get this train wreck back on the tracks. It seems like every time the Browns take one step forward they take 2 steps backwards.

The AFC North will play the AFC East and the NFC North. The AFC North will get creamed by the NFC North. Will it be a sweep, naw, the Bears will lose a couple of games. Both the AFC East and North divisions match up well. To me the most interesting game will be when Baltimore hosts New England 12/22/13, both QB's are missing offensive weapons. This game may be for a Wild Card spot.
August 2, 2013  02:03 AM ET

Not buying that the AFC North "will get creamed" by the NFC North.

August 2, 2013  02:13 AM ET

Not buying that the AFC North "will get creamed" by the NFC North.

IMO only one team will have a .500 record against the NFC North

August 2, 2013  11:46 AM ET

CINCINNATI- On paper the Bengals look awesome.

Paper doesn't win ball games.

August 2, 2013  10:09 PM ET

IMO only one team will have a .500 record against the NFC North

Hey BGD'

Howya been?

That will be the 1st game of the regular season. Yummy!

And the Browns just might be .500 with the NFCN.

As for the other 3? I figure them too win. imo.:))

August 2, 2013  10:11 PM ET

Paper doesn't win ball games.

It sure doesn't,

just a bean counter's estiment, which, doesn't have much use for on the field.

August 2, 2013  10:19 PM ET

I am picking cinci as well.... For once I agree with your square **** Narry.

August 3, 2013  11:03 AM ET

Paper doesn't win ball games.

I didn't say the paper looked good. I said what's on the paper looks good.

If the team cannot win with all that talent then Marvin Lewis needs to be fired.

August 3, 2013  01:34 PM ET

Bengals vs. Niners for the third time. This time Bengals win. You heard it here first!


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