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August 17, 2013, 10:48 PM
Last Season Review
Last year the Texans looked like the team to beat, Manning was out of the way, finally, and they were off and running at 11-1, riding a 6 game winning streak, with the Pats and the number 1 seed in the AFC and respectability waiting.
A 42-14 beatdown came and sent the Texans spiraling to a 1-3 finish, a lackluster win over the Bengals in the playoffs, then a quick booting to the offseason by the Pats (41-28), in a game that wasn???t that close.

We know most of these guys suck but us, right?

We know most of these guys suck but us, right?

Schaub is just good enough to make you not want to replace him, but bad enough where you are not going to give them an edge in QBing in almost any playoff matchups, plenty of worse QBs have won championships, but plenty of better QBs have retired without titles too. Lets keep in mind that Schaub did throw for 4K and 22 TDs last year.
Almost a 40% of those targets went to Andre Johnson, who while piling up yardage, only got 4 TDs for his fans, despite being the target of almost 60% of the throws. That was tops in the NFL. Johnson???s tag-team partner, Kevin Walters was cut, to be replaced by number 1 draft pick DeAndre Hopkins, who almost HAS to match Walters low production (518/2) and become a weapon as Andre ages (he???s Thirty-Two for you fantasy people) The scariest weapon on the roster to me is Owen Daniels, a classic TE going 6???3, 250 for over 700 yards and 6 TDs, with a better gameplan, Daniels is an easy 1K and 10TD guy. Owen is 31 though, so the Texans are bringing along Garrett Graham (28/3) who is almost a carbon copy of Daniels.
The Star of the Texans offense is, of course, Foster, who lead the NFL with 17 TDs, and had almost 400 touches. The Texans are going to have a serious problem going forward if Ben Tate doesn???t get off the injury list and have more years like 2011. He didn???t do a third of his production last year.
The Texas have a rock solid leftside of the line, with the LT (Duane Brown) LG (Wade Smith) and Center Chris Myers all making the Pro Bowl. The Problem is the right side, with instability at Guard with a pair of rookies and RT Derek Newton going down to injury to finish off a disappointing year. Third round pick Brennan Williams (from UNC) is going to have all the chances he wants in camp to take the job.
The Texans were 7th overall in offense, and 8th in scoring, solid second tier marks.

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August 17, 2013  10:49 PM ET

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