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August 18, 2013, 12:00 AM
Last Season Review:

Once again the New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan labeled his team a contender and Super Bowl team and once again, they underperformed. The defense was strong as usual under Rex but the offense regressed badly. Quarterback Mark Sanchez in his 4th season completed only 54.3% of his passes and accounted for 26 turnovers. The Jets finished 6-10, fired GM Mike Tannenbaum and hired former Seattle Seahawk assistant John Idzik.

Offense:Geno vs Sanchez

The Jets ranked #30 of 32 teams last season in overall offense. Coming off a 26 turnover season, and his 4th consecutive season of completing less than 60% of his passes (his entire career to date), the Jets finally put Mark Sanchez in a true QB competition with the drafting of Geno Smith, the former West Virginia QB, in the 2nd round. Mark and Geno are currently locked in a battle that could go either way. Supporting the QB is a highly questionable run game. Bilal Powell, the former Louisville running back appears to be the starter by default. Chris Ivory, who was acquired from the Saints in the off season, has been out of practice with a hamstring injury, and free agent pickup Mike Goodson has been sidelined from the team due to an off season arrest where he was pulled over in a car with guns and drug paraphenalia. Joe McKnight, a player that has been on the fringe his entire career appears to be out of shape, and struggling to overcome a concussion. As questionable as the running back situation is, the receiver situation may be worse. Santonio Holmes will miss a few games due to a lisfranc injury, and beyond Holmes there isn???t much proven production on the roster. 2nd year receiver Stephen Hill is tall and fast (6???4??? and ran a 4.3 at the draft combine) but he showed poor route running and bad hands in his rookie season. Jeremy Kerley has shown some flashes in the slot, and former Dolphin Clyde Gates could have a real shot as the teams 3rd/4th receiver. At TE, it???s the mixed bag of Jeff Cumberland, Hayden Smith, and a gimpy Kellen Winslow Jr. Question marks, all.
August 18, 2013  07:49 AM ET

You really needed to say all that just to conclude they will suck and finish last in the AFC East?

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August 18, 2013  09:14 AM ET

ha! You got straight to the point! :-)


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August 18, 2013  10:05 AM ET

You really needed to say all that just to conclude they will suck and finish last in the AFC East?

I think they will be better than buffalo, myself.

but we are doing all 32 teams

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August 18, 2013  10:20 AM ET

I think they will be better than buffalo, myself.but we are doing all 32 teams

Seems to me that Buffalo is just a little better at the QB position, although admittedly, they are both atrocious!

August 18, 2013  10:28 AM ET

this will be Shrex-n-Sanchize's last year if they don't make it to 10-6 [min.],.....maybe that's why Shrex was totally focused on the Def. the other day = AKA auditioning for a def.-cood. position next year...!

I think Rex is a good coach that got shafted by his GM

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August 18, 2013  12:55 PM ET

Shrex got ''shafted'' by his BIG ((mouth))......!

and that's why it's so beautiful to see how things are playing out these days. He got a lot of mileage out of all the crap he used to spew, but Karma sure is a beetch!!

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