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September 16, 2013, 05:07 PM
For the 1st time during the Romo era I'm not disappointed with the loss and no I haven't gotten use to the Cowboys losing. For the most part I don't feel that the Cowboys didn't come out flat like they normally do after winning the season opener. Defense played better than 1st week against the Giants except for not getting the turnovers that they did, but can't expect for them to get 6 in every game. Unfortunately, we also lost that battle because the Chiefs got to 2 fumbles and we didn't get a single turnover. Offensively the O-line continues to give Romo time to throw the ball even though the Chiefs had 2 sacks, but are having a difficult time of opening running lanes for Murray. Romo did throw a nice pass to Bryant that he dropped for a big play in the 2nd half and at the end he became inaccurate with 5 throws being behind the receivers. Would like to have seen the Cowboys continue to throw to Bryant when he had the hot hand. Need to go to the well until it dries up!!!
September 16, 2013  05:12 PM ET

No disrespect intended with the Chiefs' misspelling.

September 16, 2013  05:25 PM ET

The Houston Texans are the pride of Texas.

September 16, 2013  06:25 PM ET

The Houston Texans are the pride of Texas.

The Texans sure look like a contender but I've always been a Cowboys fan and will stay on the Dallas bandwagon.

September 16, 2013  07:42 PM ET

No disrespect intended with the Chiefs' misspelling.


Sounds like something one does in college, usually involving getting HAMMERED!

September 16, 2013  07:51 PM ET

All offseason all we heard about was they were going to make a concentrated effort to run the ball. Well..after 2 weeks they have a grand total of 124 yards on the ground. They ran NO running plays in the 4th quarter. That's quite a commitment to the run. I know there are some around here that will shrug all this off but at some point you have to realize what the reality is. This team is just mediocre. When they make mistakes, like turnovers, penalties in the red zone, dropped passes when wide open, they don't have the ability to overcome these things. Yesterday was a perfect case in point. Expect to see more of the same, although I am picking a win this Sunday.

September 16, 2013  07:51 PM ET

and as an aside...STICK A FORK IN THOSE RANGERS.

September 17, 2013  10:44 AM ET

This team is just mediocre. Expect to see more of the same

agree... there is no real change here so our expectations should be similar to what we've seen the last few yrs. 8-8 or maybe 9-7 this year. praying for a HC change... it's our best hope of real change.

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September 17, 2013  12:34 PM ET

KC has no secondary, other than Berry. I`m a Chiegs fan, so I was happy that Dallas quit passing down field, but really! Dallas should have thrown long the whole game, running wasn`t working.

It's kind of hard to know if the running game is working if you've only had 39 running plays thru 2 games.

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September 17, 2013  01:42 PM ET

KC stopped the run the whole game, but Dallas was able to pass down field at ease, not everything was caught, but guys were open the whole game.Dallas shut Charles down too, KC could run against you guys at all.

Charles ran when he need to though, to keep the clock moving. He got a few first downs in the last 4 minutes.


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