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October 1, 2013, 02:32 AM
AFC East
4-0 Patriots- With all the internal problems my hat goes off to Belichick and Brady. These 2 have taken a team that was decimated by free agency and have exceeded my expectations, especially destroying Atlanta in Atlanta.
3-1 Miami - I still think they will win the AFC East but they looked mediocre against N.O.
2-2 NYJ's- this is another surprise, I thought they would be 0-4
2-2 Buffalo- this is where I would have pictured them
So far the AFC East owns the NFC South collectively the East is 5-1 against the South

AFC West
4-0 Denver- So far they have yet to play a team with a winning record
4-0 Kansas City- The 4 teams they have played are collectively 3- 13
2-2 San Diego - They could be 4-0, but Rivers blew both games
1-3 Oakland - They beat Jacksonvile
THe AFC West owns the NFC East, collectively they are 7-1 against the NFC East

AFC North-
2-2 Baltimore - Beat Cleveland
2-2 Cleveland - Beat Cincinnati
2-2 Cincinnati - Beat Pittsburgh
0-4 Pittsburgh- Hasn't won a game
The Afc North is collectively 2-3 vs Nfc North

AFC South

3-1 Indianapolis - Just went on a 2 game road trip winning in SF and JaX
3-1 Tennessee - All 4 games in the AFC, their only loss is to Houston
2-2 Houston - Have lost their last 2 games, but are 1-0 in their division
0-4 Jacksonville - They average 7.25 points per game
The AFC South collectively are 1-2 vs the NFC West
October 1, 2013  03:22 AM ET

2-2 Dallas - they can win in the NFC but have lost both games to the AFC West
1-3 Philadelphia - after losing 3 games in a row, second place is a blessing
1-3 Washington - Their one game winning streak was against Oakland
0-4 NYG's - Why do I still think they are going to win their division ?
The NFC East is probably the worst division in the NFL right now

4-0 Seattle - If teams keep handing them victories the Super Bowl will be a cake walk
2-2 49ers - They have yet to beat a team with a winning record
2-2 Arizona - Both Arizona and NYJ's got gift wins from Tampa Bay
1-3 St. Louis - Their next 4 games should be easier
The NfC West is 2-1 colllectively against the AFC South

NFC North -
3-1 Detroit- 2 of their wins are divisional, with one of those games being against Chicago
3-1 Chicago- 2 of their wins came against the AFC North
1-2 Green Bay- Only 1-2, rough having your BYE WEEK so early. It's gonna be a long season.
1-3 Minnesota- I thought they'd be better. Their only win is against 0-4 Pittsburgh
NFC North is 3-2 against the AFC North

NFC South
4-0 New Orleans - Must be nice having a 3 game lead only 4 games into the season?
1-2 Carolina - They owe their 2nd place standing due to lack of games played.
1-3 Atlanta - All their losses come against teams with winning records
0-4 Tampa Bay - They lost 3 of their games by 1,2, and 3 points. without stupid errors they might be 2-2
The NFC South is 1 and 5 against the AFC East.

October 1, 2013  03:34 AM ET

Nice breakdown Narry! I think the Top 4 teams are the Broncos, Pats, and then Colts/KC pretty even in the AFC. Having said that the Broncos and Pats are clearly the 2 best then the Colts and KC are a DISTANT 3rd/4th. I like what KC is doing. They look great early at 4-0 and could very well end up with a better record than the Colts because of that start. I know the Dolphins beat the Colts but IMO if those 2 played 10 times the Colts would win 6 maybe 7 of them. Dolphins just played a perfect game that day and the Colts played uninspired for some reason and even had a TD taken away from them on a bogus penalty by Reggie and still only lost 24-20. Having said that I can see the Dolphins winning 10. I am not buying the Texans as a real contender because of Matt Schaub and they could easily be 0-4 but are still a 10 win in probability because they are loaded with talent. The Titans just lost their QB for maybe the season so they will fade and will be around 8-8. Not buying Cincy either because of Dalton and the Ravens aren't the Ravens of last season at all, I see them as an 8-8 team, 9-7 maybe as losing players like Ray, Ed Reed, Kruger on D + Boldin on O isn't good no matter how people try and sugarcoat it. The winner of the AFC North may only need 9 wins and I like the fact the Browns are doing good to make the Bengals and the Ravens have to worry, quite comical. Steelers at 0-4 is shocking, don't get that one?? In the end BARRING NO INJURY TO THE QB's I see the *Broncos around 14-2, *Pats 13-3, *Colts 10-6 will get the tiebreak over Texans/KC 11-5 but as a Wildcard. Dolphins and Texans I see at 10-6 but 1 of them will miss the Playoffs because only 6 teams get in. *Bengals will be a Playoff team because I still think they win their Division at probably 9-7. * = Division Champion. Sleeper team are the Chargers, cant sleep on them as they may win 10 as well with the way Rivers is playing and sneak in the Playoffs depending on tiebreakers.

October 1, 2013  03:38 AM ET

There are 10 teams with winning records, 12 teams that have .500 records and 10 teams with losing records.

I would say that New England has done the most with the least.

THe AFC West is the biggest turnaround so far and have literally handed the title of the worst division in the NFL to the NFC East, totally dominating that division with a 7-1 record.

If you made a bet in Las Vegas for New Orleans to win the NFC South, you can collect your bets. They might clinch their division before December. If not their final 4 games are against. 1-2 Carolina, @ 1-3 St. Louis , @ 1-2 Carolina, 0-4 Tampa Bay.

October 1, 2013  04:01 AM ET

As good/great as some of the teams I mentioned above in the AFC, there are some real stinkers in the AFC as well. Jags could go 0-16 = very possible and the Steelers are looking at possibly 4-12/5-11, Raiders are bad too and are 5-11 at best, probably 4-12. I don't see the Jets, Browns, or Bills finishing above .500 either so the it all off sets.

October 1, 2013  06:24 AM ET

I think the Raiders blinked and found themselves at the bottom of one of the strongest divisions in the league. What happened?

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October 1, 2013  06:40 AM ET

Al Davis still ~haunts~ the hallways.....!

Much the same way as Jerry Jones continues to haunt the fans.

October 2, 2013  02:13 AM ET

I was skeptical that New England would do anything with all the hits their team had due to Free Agency, injuries , murderous players. But they have exceeded my expectations.

My problem with Kansas City is that they haven't played many quality teams. The 4 teams they have played have a combined 3 wins. and they won't face a team that made the playoffs until they play Houston in a few weeks. I think Kansas City will be 9-7 or 10-6 depending on how they do in their divisiion match-ups.

I was going to say San Diego might be a sleeper, we shall see how they do in the 2nd quarter of the season with Freeney out for the season.

October 2, 2013  02:16 AM ET

Al Davis still ~haunts~ the hallways.....!

I was skeptical of your Patriots, but I have to say that their coach and QB deserve some sort of an award if they make the playoffs. THey have done more with less

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October 2, 2013  03:42 PM ET

As long as the Pats have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick they will always make the Playoffs and usually win at least 12 games. I should've known better than to pick against them vs the Falcons who aren't playing near as good as last year. Pats should roll Cincy and get in Dalton's head. Losing Wilfork still isn't good though for their Defense but when you have Tom who can normally put 30 up each week it shouldn't hurt them for now.

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October 2, 2013  04:23 PM ET

I was skeptical of your Patriots, but I have to say that their coach and QB deserve some sort of an award if they make the playoffs. THey have done more with less

The Patriots are still a strong team despite the loss of Gronk and Hernandez. They have a good mix of young and older veterans. I am not surprised with their fast start.

October 2, 2013  09:21 PM ET

*saints@pats next week.,........but, winning an AFC game [@cincy] is more important .


As you know,they have Cincy a 2.1 favor on that[not even a FG] Where the hell,does these yohos get that kind of math?

As far as the Bengals fan base that i've read? They either want Dalton sit on the bench and let #2 QB Josh Johnson play.[Or some even hoping that Andy get's gimped up.] So Johnson can play.

personaly? I would give Dalton the 1st half too see ifn he's stinking it up? Then bench him and put J.Johnson in.

I don't think 'marvin' ,Has the nads too do that. SF did ok with a #2nd string QB change last year.

So,I doub't that will happen. But.ifn anyone watched last game against the Browns?

Andy stunk it up,Which should have been a Very hard played win [on paper] Too a loss,But as i said ? the Browns are for real now,and a shift of power has been altered this season.

So the AFCN better get used too it.


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