October 4, 2013, 09:30 AM
Fantastic start yesterday. Great to see the offense raking and Wainwright pitching like the ace that he is.

Need to get a good start from Lynn and hopefully get to Cole early in this one and put the Bucs behind the 8-Ball a little. A two-nothing lead would be great to take back to Pittsburgh. I hope Lynn doesn't get overly excited and get behind hitters. When he is consistently going 2-0 or 3-1 is when he gets hammered.

If we can keep the offense going strong and put 5-6 runs up, I feel good that Pittsburgh can't keep up with us.

Keep it up boys.
October 4, 2013  09:34 AM ET

By the way, Kershaw's performance yesterday is exactly why I didn't want to play the Dodgers in the first round. Man, that guy is good.

October 4, 2013  10:42 AM ET

LLynn --- just keep ahead in the count, let the leather behind you do their jobs, and we'll be okay

Kershaw was a beast last night.

2006 taught me that while we might look the best on paper, the game still gets played, and there are no sure things. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS !!

October 6, 2013  10:46 PM ET

Too many mistakes. Bad fundamentals. Errors in the field, and leadoff walks that lead to runs. The young pitchers simply couldn't get outs today when they really needed them.

Frustrating, but it's still not over. I like our chances to put up some runs on Morton tomorrow. It's just a matter of how poised Wacha can be in containing the Pirates.

October 7, 2013  02:02 PM ET

Even though Matt Adams has done a nice job filling in at 1B, I think we have really started to miss Allen Craig in this series. The lack of power off the bench hurt last year against San Francisco and it was glaring yesterday. Pete Kozma hitting for himself in the ninth inning of that game against a RH closer is borderline ridiculous. Adams had spent most of the year being that late inning power option, and it has hurt with him not in that role.

October 8, 2013  11:26 AM ET

How'bout we test young Mr Cole's moxie this time around by touching him up early. Let's see how the Pirates position players react to being down in an elimination game.

October 10, 2013  10:35 AM ET

What a great night. Waino was simply terrific. Freese came up with the big HR to get us started and the defense was awesome. And how about a big two out hit from Jon Jay, of all people???

Couple of those defensive plays by Kozma were fantastic. Made up for that head-scratching lackadasical play he made in the seventh with Byrd running, but what the heck. Things turned out okay.

Great Win Birds, against a very good team. I think we are going to be battling the Pirates a lot over the next few years.


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