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October 13, 2013, 01:36 PM
No Dwight Howard, Kobe is out injured, and Pau Gasol is in the final year of his contract. From a distance the Lakers look to be in trouble. However, I think they???re a better team than people give them credit for.

They added several players who could make an impact, and got rid of dead weight. They finally got the young athletic wing player who makes open 3???s they???ve been lacking since, well, Caron Butler left. Nick young is a very talented player, who can be an explosive scorer, in D???Antoni???s offense he could really thrive. He has more than his fair share of flaws, but he???s a USC kid and grew up a Laker fan, so hopefully coming to LA can help him realize his true potential.D'Antoni

As good as I think Young could be for the Lakers, a player very few know about could be more important. Ryan Kelly was a 2nd round draft pick this year out of Duke, he???s a stretch 4, he can shoot, can handle the ball fairly well and he runs well for his size, he???s a good fit for this team, and fills a need the Lakers need to run D???Antoni???s offense. I see him starting at some point this year, mainly because he has no real competition, no one else on the roster has his skill set.

Really, the bench as a whole has improved greatly. This off-season the Lakers have added Farmar, Wesley Johnson, Chris Kaman, and a few other players who have had some success in the league. These players are in addition to holdovers Jodie Meeks, Jordan Hill, and Steve Blake. Add all that up and we can say something we haven???t been able to say in a long time, the Lakers bench looks like it could be one of the best in the league. They finally have the depth they???ve lacked for years.

As happy as I am that the Lakers have finally gotten the building blocks they???ve needed, I still understand that the blocks are useless without anything holding them together. That means ultimately it???ll come down to Nash, Gasol, Bryant and D???Antoni. They need to hold everything together. I???m not going to write to much about this, because everything that can be written about this already has, I will say this though, it???s going to come down to 1 question about 1 player. Does Kobe want to win a title does he want to be a part of a championship team? He needs to adjust his game to fit the team if he wants this team to be successful, that means he can???t take 25 shots a game and he has to let Steve Nash run the offense. If not its going to be a repeat of last year, just minus Howard.
October 15, 2013  12:26 PM ET

Wesley Johnson has not had success in this league. Nick Young has played his way into a Vets' Min player. Kaman is oft injured, as is Nash, whose minutes will have to be limited.

Not sure the Lakers will make the playoffs

October 29, 2013  04:03 PM ET

The Lakers will certainly make the playoffs are you kidding me? Gasol is a much better center than Howard ever was, he can pass very well and the ball does not stop with him. Kaman will fit in perfectly with Pau as he is also a great passer, the only question is whether or not he can stay healthy. The bench is much better than last year and the Lakers finally have some YOUTH. I think there is noting wrong with having some hungry young players, all of which are plying on a one year deal. I think for the many Laker haters out there it is easy to write them off this early but mark my words, they will surprise people. That second unit is going to make the Lakers a much better overall team. The only question I have is with the coach (or lack thereof).


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