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October 18, 2013, 01:29 PM
Each week on my Facebook page, I've compared the 4 up and coming young QB's, Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick and RG3...

Thought it might be interesting, with the game this week, to do the same for Luck v. Manning

Andrew Luck Team rush #8 Team Defense (pts) #5

1346 yds 62% comp. 7TD 3INT 4-2 record 17-18 opp. combined record

Peyton Manning Team rush #12 Team Defense (pts) #26

2179 yds 74% comp. 22TD 2INT 6-0 record 11-25 opp. combined record

Manning, obviously, is having a great year...much better than anyone expected.

Luck has improved greatly over last season and was one of the very few bright spots in last weeks loss.

The Colts have beat San Francisco and Seattle, arguably the two best teams in the NFC, and did so playing physical in the running game and defense. They failed in those areas in both of their losses, particularly against the Chargers.

Denver has struggled on Defense the last two weeks. Romo lit them up and, if not for Manning, would have beat Denver easily. It would have been an aberration had Jacksonville, the worst team in the NFL, and Henne, the worst QB in the NFL, also not had the success they did last week against the Broncos.

Denver has not played a team with a winning record this season. They have played two teams that are 0-fer...while the Colts have played one.

I predict that, while yes Manning may feel he has something to prove coming back to Indy, the Colts Defense is going to be on fire after a very poor effort in San Diego. Denver's Defense is #1 against the run, so the Colts will have Luck open up against that #32 passing defense.

Colts 33 Denver 28
October 18, 2013  02:05 PM ET

Another Colts fan has joined us, cool! I predict 31-30 Colts. This will be sort of a shoot out but I also think the Colts wont abandon the run and try and get Trent going early because that is always the game plan to establish the run and it would benefit the Colts controlling the TOP vs Manning. Denver has the 32nd ranked Pass Defense and the Colts Wr's dropped several passes vs SD so I see Luck and his Wr's putting up good numbers in this game redeeming themselves and scoring alot. It will take at least 30 points to beat Denver.

October 18, 2013  02:12 PM ET

The Colts are young and improving but Manning is on a mission this season. The Broncos should prevail.

October 18, 2013  02:12 PM ET

Peyton is on a mission and the Broncos should win this game.

October 18, 2013  02:51 PM ET

Peyton is on a mission and the Broncos should win this game.

OK, we heard you already. :o)

October 18, 2013  03:49 PM ET


October 18, 2013  03:50 PM ET

You are on dope...nobody cares about this game.

October 18, 2013  04:13 PM ET

You are on dope...nobody cares about this game.


Put it's prescribed!

October 18, 2013  04:16 PM ET

You are on dope...nobody cares about this game.


I'm hoping,that Cincy helps out yer Bears.

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October 18, 2013  04:38 PM ET

F-U's = gronk coming back is more important.......!

I see Gronk is going to play. They would've beat Sexy Rexy without him IMO. The Texans at Chiefs game is intriguing to me. The Texans are 2-4 and desperately need a win as Case gets the start at QB. Yes the Texans are stinking it up but they are still capable with all of that talent to turn it around. A win in KC could turn their whole season around and would give the Chiefs their first loss. Are the Chiefs really for real? or will they fade eventually? I still have my doubts about Alex Smith winning any big games as in beating the Broncos or winning any type of Conference Title Game if KC got that far.

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October 18, 2013  04:45 PM ET

45-24......denver over the colts.

I don't think so Mother. Denver could very well win maybe something like 38-28 or so as Peyton is very capable of scoring in the high 30's and Denver is the safe bet I would agree with that but I say upset 31-30 Colts. I cant see Indy losing to anyone this season by 21 points unless they turn it over a bunch. Von Miller will be back but Football rusty as he hasn't played all season. The Colts Defense is actually respectable for a change and they have yet to give up 30 points in any 1 game. Peyton is a Top 5 QB of all-time and I will always be a fan of his but Go Colts! It will feel strange watching him play us, emotional Sunday coming up no doubt.

October 18, 2013  04:47 PM ET

i think peyton's coming back for ''vengeance''.........good luck with your colts.

Thanks we will need it :)

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October 18, 2013  04:53 PM ET

i hope peyton punches out your owner too.....! ; )

Nah, LOL. Peyton is too classy for that. In the long run if the Colts get eliminated I will root for Peyton to win actually. Most Indy fans still love Peyton and appreciate everything he's done. He was a 1 man machine and still is.

October 18, 2013  05:07 PM ET

I think if the Colts can hold Denver to around 30 they got a great shot at winning. Most points they have given up in a game so far is 28 to Seattle and Seattle may very well be the best team in the NFC. Having said that it will take 30 points to beat them as well because you have to score a lot to beat Denver obviously. It's kind of good the Colts Wr's and Te's had a bad game Monday dropping balls as they hopefully got that out of their system. 1 interesting fact is Andrew Luck has never lost 2 games in a row as a starter = 23 starts overall (15-8).

October 18, 2013  05:08 PM ET

I don't like someone with ONE comment coming in and telling me what I should or should NOT be interested in. Is this guy from Capitol Hill?

October 18, 2013  05:36 PM ET

i hope peyton punches out your owner too.....! ; )

Peyton and Irsay are actually good friends according to people that know them.


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