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October 24, 2013, 08:09 PM
Coach Malone said in an interview this week that even though Vasquez will tell you he's fine he knows that Vasquez is not 100 percent ready for this season.

I agree with the coach Malone. I've been watching Vasquez since his Maryland days and I can tell you without reservation that this is about a 50% Greivis Vazquez.

I feel he is struggling with some pain, only guessing here, but you don't see that big smile and that aggressive play I'm use to.

Last nights game against the Warriors was a disaster for Vasquez, six turnovers and to be honest he looked out of sync with the team.

I've only watched three of the Kings pre-season games, but I'm coming away with a feeling that this guys are a bunch of horses that can't be bridle, they are fast and have a one track mind -SHOT IT-

I would bet that most of the players on this roster, including Isaiah Thomas, have a one track mind.

That became apparent last night against Golden State, after Thomas fell down and was able to get up and throw up a prayer for a three pointer to tie the game, he came right back thinking he was going to imitate Michael Jordan and hit another one for the go ahead bucket, HE MISSED.

I watched the replay and you can clearly see Thomas was not looking for anyone, he was just going down and hit another, no intention what so ever to look for an open man.

There is where Vasquez can help this team, he has more control, but maybe that isn't going to work for this team, these are some great athletes that can probably make SportsCenter top ten plays night in and night out.

The Sacramento Kings had 25 turnovers, that may be a sign that this team is not accustomed to passing or setting up plays, most of them can create their own shots, a Vasquez type point guard may not be needed here, what am I basing that on? Well there were lots of players standing around watching teammate creating a shots and not many moving around trying to get open. I'm not a coach but it took me about two seconds to figure that out.

I'm hoping that Thomas will be the starting point guard, that would let Vasquez heal properly. He is a competitor and probably tried to get back too early.

I think the guy is playing hurt right now, I hope I'm wrong, time will tell that story.

Enough said.
November 5, 2013  09:00 PM ET



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