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October 31, 2013, 01:58 PM
Most fans would start out by saying the Nationals should just stand pat with the team from last year only perform up to expectation.

There are others that think several clutch pieces of their machine are worn and need to be replaced.

I will do my level best to capture and point out the strengths and needs at every position they need to address during this offseason.

First off with the Nationals let???s start at the top. Davey Johnson announced his retirement early last season and many think it had an influence on the play and performance of the team. Personally I think that is hogwash and I will explain why later.

But for replacing Davey the Nationals have taken what in my opinion is a great step. Matt Williams IS a baseball minded individual. Even as a player he could mentor with the best and largest of players and egos. He did a great job playing for the Giants and his tenure as a veteran player in Arizona was what led him to the coaching job he landed with Arizona in 2009. I cannot confirm or deny at this point if he is indeed still a partial owner of the Diamondbacks. As of the 25th of October, all the major news outlets were stating that Matt Williams was to be named as Manager of the Washington Nationals but here on the 30th there is still no announcement.

Whatever the holdup, they need to address the issue quickly. I know if I were going to manage a team the next season I would want to be involved with player selection during the offseason if at all possible.
October 31, 2013  02:15 PM ET

You cant let this team just carry over to the next season becauuse obviously 2012 was a fluke of career years for most of their players and 2013 showed the fall to normalcy. With a new manager you dont know how he will mesh with the younger players of this team, Im looking at you Harper. Id say go out and get some bullpen arms, need a better bench but they do have most of the key players there. Its just too bad the Braves are still going to be the best team


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