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November 3, 2013, 11:50 PM
First example:

1.) SD-WAS game:

End of the game, SD had 1st and goal from 1 yard line, 21 seconds left, 2 timeouts, down by 3 points. Conventional playcalling would of been 2 straight running plays between the tackles or QB sneaks as they need a short yard or about 2 feet. The play calls went as follows:

1st and goal- 3 WR shotgun, handoff to Danny Woodhead (not Ryan Matthews)

2nd and goal- 2 TE, 2 RB, Gates split wide, lob pass to Gates

3rd and goal- 3 WR shotgun, rollout to the right

Not one play was a handoff to Matthews with a lead blocker, and you need 1 yard?

2.) TB-SEA

24 seconds left, TB had the ball, tie game, at midfield, TB had a 4th and 3 to go. They elected to punt the ball to SEA, my problem with this is very simple. Your up against a better team, why would you want to play for OT? Not to mention your record is 0-7, why not go for the win? They had 2 timeouts and need 15 yards to get to the 35 yard line and try to win the game and shock SEA, instead ole' genius Greg Schinao elects to punt the ball and play for OT?!? If I'm a Seahawks fan in that situation, I wouldn't want TB to go for it because I feel with them having the ball they can win it then and there, I like my chances going to OT, what are the odds TB's offense even if they get the ball first are going to be able to drive the length and score a game ending TD (remember a FG on first OT possession does not end the game). Maybe more importantly if I'm a Buccaneers fan I want the team to go for it, what a chance to beat the Seahawks and have something to be happy about, instead you elect to go to OT with a much better team on the road at the hardest place to win a game in recent years OR you could of tried to pick up the first down and complete one more pass of around 10-15 yards and win the game!!! This is why Greg is going to be fired
November 4, 2013  12:05 AM ET

I still don't know how the Chargers lost! Just QB sneak it in. I would've ran it at least twice.

November 4, 2013  12:37 AM ET

I still don't know how the Chargers lost! Just QB sneak it in. I would've ran it at least twice.

It's what they do. Lose games they should win. They're better at it than anyone. If there was a SB of losing games you should win, it would probably feature the Chargers against the Cowboys every year. And the Chargers would be close to filling up Hand No. 2 with rings.

November 4, 2013  06:40 AM ET

Some teams have more of a tendency to find ways to lose than find ways to win.


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