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November 7, 2013, 01:53 AM
For the second week in a row the Bears are playing for 1st place in the NFC North. They will PROBABLY be starting their 2nd string QB again too since McCown did such a good job against the Packers, why rush Cutler back?

The Bears Offense is respectable, it's their Defense and Special teams that will be in question on Sunday. Their Defense is weak down the middle. Mostly due to injuries at the DT and Linebacker positions, but for some reason the Saftey's are being questioned too.

Now the Lions are going to be testing these area's immediately. Whether or not they can hold up will be an important part of this game.

Special teams are not the Bear's strength we expected. They just are making ignorant mistakes and they really aren't playing to their potential.

The Lion's offense will really be ready to tear the Bears to pieces and for once the Lions think their Special teams will at least get a tie against the Bears Special teams.

If the Bears can show improvement in these areas and the Offense can be effective we should win since we have the home field advantage. All said and done I see the Bears winning 30-28 in a very offensive game. GO BEARS!!!
November 7, 2013  01:34 PM ET

This should be a good game between two first place teams.

November 7, 2013  08:24 PM ET

I wouldn't rush Cutler back, let's see how yer rook does with the Lions.

November 8, 2013  12:58 AM ET

The Lions are the only team in the NFC North with a starting quarterback, well the Vikings have 3 starting quarterbacks i guess lol. Without Jay Cutler I'm very curious to see how Trestman (sp?) calls a game against a Lions defense that is questionable in their back 4 but agruably has the league's best defensive line, I don't think the Bears will just be able to run Forte 30 times and have success against Suh/Fairly. I do like the size of Marshall/Jeffery/Bennett against the Lions defense. I wanna see how the Calvin Johnson/Charles Tillman matchup pans out and I'm curious to see if they assign Major Wright (a pro bowl saftey this year I believe) to basically follow Reggie Bush around the field, I think those 2 matchups could determine the game and actually I think the Bears defenders can contain Megatron and Bush to something reasonable. I like the Lions though because while Major Wright can stay with Bush when Reggie Bush is a reciever, without Lance Briggs, I don't know what the Bears do on defense against the explosive playmaker on turf indoors. Lions 31-27

November 9, 2013  04:56 PM ET

The biggest thing for the Bears to win will be it's at home where the Bears haven't played for an entire MONTH!

I'm confident that the Bear's offense will be efficient as will the Lion's offense. But in Chicago the odds favor a home team's offense if nothing else because of the noise.

Sure the Lion's defensive front 7 are stronger and healthier than the Bear's defensive front 7 RIGHT NOW, but the Bears have three things that the Lions don't have right now.

1st Matt Forte is really having a great but quiet season. Reggie Bush might be more explosive, but he's NOT as dependable or consistant. 2nd The Lion's 2nd WR Burleson is injured. The Bear's 2nd WR Jeffery is tearing things up right now. 3rd Marc Trestman and the coaching staff. To me there is no comparison of whose coaches are the best. This should be huge.

I still say the Bears will win 30-28. Go BEARS!!!

November 9, 2013  05:10 PM ET

Just pause for a moment please pause and think about something. This is Marc Trestman's first season and just the second season for GM Phil Emery. Now the thing to think about. If the Bears are playing for first place now in JUST their first season under Trestman, what will they be like with some more time to get more players and more experience in Marc Trestman's system? For so many years the Bears have NOT had the stability of the OC's and other coaches. For so many years the Bears were always drafting DL and other usless players. Now it looks like the Bears might have Marc Trestman and Phil Emery for the foreseeable future. Hmm Just how good can this team be? It's going to be fun finding out!!!

I personally like to try to look and think of the big picture. Looking at the next few seasons as well as this season is the big picture. It's just that the Bears right now might have the best future of any NFC North team and maybe the entire NFL! Looking at this, Superbowls can't be too far away! Go BEARS!!!

November 10, 2013  04:28 PM ET

The turnover to end the first half was killer...

The Bears need a new DC...and different scheme

November 10, 2013  05:33 PM ET

The Bears should have kept McGown as the starting QB.

November 10, 2013  07:02 PM ET

The should have double team Johnson in the clutch!!!!

November 10, 2013  07:57 PM ET

A draw play against seven in the box...

That was Trestman fist error...Hope it don't cost you a playoff berth

November 11, 2013  12:23 PM ET

It is now a two team race in the NFC North between the Lions and the Bears. The Vikings are toast and the Packers are barely mediocre without Aaron Rodgers.

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