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February 26, 2009, 12:10 PM
So far this offseason the Green Bay Packers have changed their defensive scheme from a 4-3 to a 3-4 by hiring Dom Capers as their Defensive Coordinator. This would not have been the smartest move in my opinion because of the fact that Green Bay has so many other holes to fill, that they shoudnt be making new positions that need to be replaced. Their Offensive Line is horrible at Run-blocking, and their pass-block isnt that great either, luckily Rodgers has some escapability in the pocket. Also, Cornerback and Safety can use some upgrades, as well as Tight End.
The 3-4 was not a very good experiment to start this year, considering that Mike McCarthy could be on the Hot seat if the Packers have another losing season next year. Also, they are moving the team's leading sack leader Aaron Kampman to the OLB spot. Kampman has never played their in his life and is not at any means a coverage man. While moving him to OLB, the packers created a gaping whole at his vacant LE spot. The packer's D-line now consists of Cullen Jenkins at RE, and Ryan Picket and Jonny Jolly rotating at the nosetackle position. As of now Michael Montgomery is the LE, but at no means is he a capable starter. Picket is old and has never palyed nosetackle in his life and Jolly misses too many tackles. Jenkins is just coming off season-ending surgery and who knows how well he will hold up this year.
At the LB positions the Packers have A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett manning the middle, which is a pretty good run-stuffing group. But if i were in the Packers organization i would have had A.J. Hawk at the OLB spot so he can pass-rush like he did back in Ohio St. and keep Kampman at the LE spot. The other OLB spot apart from Kampman would be as of now, Brady Poppinga/Brandon Chillar. Chillar did an excellent job last year when Nick Barnett went down, and would most liekly be taking over for Kampan on obvious passing-downs.
The biggest need this offseason is Offensive lineman, prefurably an OT, because Mark Tauscher is a FA and not sure if he will be back, and Chad clifton is already 34 and on the decline. McCarhty rotated the O-line around a bunch of times with Tony Moll, Daryn Colledge, Jason Spitz, and Josh Sitton. But none are real capable as starters, because they seem to lack the next level of maturity.
At TE, the packers could use a posession/blocking kind of guy, as they already have areciever in Donald Lee. Picking up such a guy would help the running game.
The offseason could look promising if Ted Thompson doesnt go crazy with finding players to fit in hsi 3-4. As Raiders fans have found out, skill players dont win championships. You begin to rebuild your team from the ground up, starting with the Big men at the line.
MOST IMPORTANT POSITIONS TO FILL: a pass-rushing LE, a big, nosetackle that has experience in the 3-4, and a pair of young, OT.

POSSIBLE FA ADDITIONS: The most important FA out there that would help the packers would be Ex-Cowboy DE Chris Canty, who is very experienced in the 3-4 and generates a pass-rush.
Gabe Watson, DT- Run-stuffing and very big, would help the Packers poor Run-defense right away.
Leonard Weaver, FB- PAckers need a true Fullback, not a converted LB, to pave the way for the running game. Weaver is the best FB prospect out there.
Yeremiah Bell, S- Would improve the packers defensive secondary with good bball skills. Had over 100 tackles last year.
Justin Peele, TE- Great do-everything TE, helped Michael Turner rush for all his yards.


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