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November 20, 2013, 08:17 PM
I've only seen eight of the ten King's games this season and maybe is too early to make this assessment but it appears to me this team is wrestling to find an identity.

Running, half court, then running again, passing, running to the paint from coast to coast, then back to passing. This team can be best described by a famous Forrest Gump quote "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you going to get"

The two wins have been facilitated by a fast, almost helter skelter style of play by Isaiah Thomas, actually Thomas has been one of the reason this team has won a few games.

I understand that Malone doesn't have all the pieces he needs to put his stamp on the Kings - I believe there will be about four players moving out of town sooner rather than later - but for now the Kings need to put some fans on those seats so they may need to go with the team you seen Wednesday night against the suns.

The fast high scoring bunch who can't play team defense.

The three main guys Mclemore, Thomas and Cousins can create their own shots, that has been the winning combination, that is when this team is at it's best.

Greivis Vasquez's game showed up against the Nets, since then it disappeared. I've been watching him since his days as a Terp, his game didn't go away but the pick and roll did, the moving around to get open got put back in the shelf and the team went back to just bringing the ball up and the court and handing off like a QB in football hoping the guys can create their own shots.

Anyone who can dribble can do that job, you don't need Vasquez or any passing guard for that.

That is the identity of this team. It wont matter how much Malone huffs and puffs or puts lip stick on it, this is a running helter skelter team with guys who can create their own shots, he should go along with it, at least for now.

Greivis Vasquez can at least get your money back, there are many teams that want this type of guard and understand his limitation. The Lakers would be a good place for Greivis, coach D'Antoni don't know the word defense. Kidding of course, he is a heck of a coach.

As always this is a fans opinion and from what I understand everybody has one and I'm thankful for that.

Enough said.


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