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November 23, 2013, 03:52 PM
This might work as a decent place to migrate into from the P I forums.

Will post the link at the P I Forum.
November 24, 2013  12:31 AM ET

Looks like this might be a good place to relocate! Thanks for the tip.

November 24, 2013  02:36 AM ET

Always nice seeing more people here but please don't be homer's. I used to post at the PI Forum years ago but the amount of blind homerism was nauseating.

November 24, 2013  09:40 AM ET

Pokemon International forum members unite!

November 24, 2013  09:42 AM ET

Pokemon International forum members unite!

Pikachu, I choose you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 24, 2013  11:43 PM ET

I is here. Maybe the change will translate to the M's.

November 25, 2013  02:05 AM ET

I'm here. I hope it's ok if I post data to support my assertions when I make them, and that I can be a bit optimistic about the state of the farm system which has improved from a bottom third of MLB to a top 5 system over the past 5 years. Apparently both of those tendencies were frowned on by some at the PI site.

November 25, 2013  02:06 PM ET

I didn't realize there was a Private Investigator forum.

November 25, 2013  03:10 PM ET

I didn't realize there was a Private Investigator forum.


November 25, 2013  08:35 PM ET

I didn't realize there was a Private Investigator forum.

There was a forum at the SeattlePI that had a small group of "regulars". The SeattlePI is closing it's forums down, so this site was suggested as somewhere that we could all relocate... since it didn't seem to have a lot of usage by current users anyway (one of the most recent posts in here was about Eric Bedard!).

November 26, 2013  01:22 AM ET

SeattlePI is short for Seattle Post Intelligencer, which was a paper/hard copy newspaper in Seattle until a few years ago. It turned into an online only publication a couple of years ago... and it seemed to deteriorate from there. They changed forum software around the time of the paper-to-electronic only change, and the new forum user interface was pretty clunky and caused a drastic drop in participation (at least that was part of it... some of the drop in participation was probably also caused by people being less interested in the Mariners). Anyway, that seemed to be the beginning of the end of the SeattlePI forum, and 30 November is supposed to be the end of the end for it (although some of the posts posted on 30 November might not show up in there until 1 December!).

November 26, 2013  09:48 AM ET

since it didn't seem to have a lot of usage by current users anyway

That's usually viewed as a negative. But I like your optimism. Welcome to the site.

November 26, 2013  06:53 PM ET

That's usually viewed as a negative. But I like your optimism. Welcome to the site.


November 27, 2013  12:18 AM ET

Hello everyone, I'm Papaya.
I'm from PI M's forum too.
I have been M's fan since '94.

PI forum is the only M's forum I know and post. I liked that forum.
There are many nice intelligent people and it is fun and educational forum to me.
I don't know how this place works but I'm excited to talk about M's here.

(I'm Japanese and English is the second language for me so please understand that my English is sometimes not right. Thanks!)

November 28, 2013  02:28 AM ET


November 28, 2013  02:30 AM ET

Ok, I've signed up, I'll see how I like it. Later....

November 28, 2013  02:31 AM ET

Oh yeah, I'm from the Seattle PI also. And oh yeah, we better hang onto James Paxton, or i'm officially gonna be done with the Mariners

November 28, 2013  02:35 PM ET

Happy Thanks Day, Marcia. Good to see you here.

Tell Howie not to trade Paxton.

November 28, 2013  03:07 PM ET

As an Angels fan, I am sworn by oath to hate all of you. Just saying.

November 28, 2013  07:03 PM ET

Part of the exodus from the PI here. If everyone keeps posting here I'll probably hang around. A forum has to be somewhat active for my tastes.

November 29, 2013  03:34 PM ET

Im officially moving to There are not enough tools to work with at this site, pretty simple with few options. Minimal activity as well. Mariner Central has all the bells and whistles along with steady activity. Hope to see you all there.


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