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December 4, 2013, 11:54 AM
Tomlin was fined $100K for his indiscretion (aka losing his way on the sideline). Still TBD is whether the league affects the Steeler's draft pick, either a modification of it, or forfeiture. The league will wait until the final draft order is set.
December 4, 2013  12:31 PM ET

Yeah they will lose a draft pick as well IMO. They should. Steelers have been a joke all season and what Tomlin did was the cherry on top. Many of their fans are embarrassed by this team but they still have 6 SB Championships so 1 or 2 bad seasons I am sure they can live with.

December 4, 2013  01:12 PM ET

I don't think they will lose a pick. My guess is if they draft from 16th pick or up then they will get pushed to the end of the first round. If their draft position is in the bottom half of the round I don't think they will be changed.

December 4, 2013  01:41 PM ET


December 4, 2013  01:44 PM ET

I think it's really an extreme fine. We all need to lighten up in America. ITS A GAME FOLKS!!! FOOTBALL IS A GAAAAMMMMME!!! Were all human and we all make mistakes, whether comical or not. I think it also shows how little we really have to discuss as well.

December 4, 2013  02:16 PM ET

* We're *

Just sayin' newbie....

December 4, 2013  02:29 PM ET

* We're *Just sayin' newbie....

ain't she Sweet!!!

December 4, 2013  02:40 PM ET

I think they will see if the Steelers are awarded any compensatory picks before deciding. If they do get any, the league may just move the Steelers picks to the end of the line (or possibly not give them any compensatory picks).

December 4, 2013  03:11 PM ET

i think it was a ''fair-n-just'' fine for an idiotic/move on tomlin's part,........i'd like to know why the two offiCials nearest to tomlin didn't ~flag~ him for a [15-yarder] that surely would've set-up baltimore for a TD.....??!

December 4, 2013  03:12 PM ET

~spy-gate~,........*bounty-gate*, = ''toe-gate'',....?!

December 4, 2013  03:23 PM ET

Seems the punishment was appropriate. Every team pushes the envelope of the six foot white sideline border. They should start reviewing tape and mailing out fines for violations, based upon jersey numbers, which coach it is, etc. It would end quickly. Just like they hand out uniform violation fines every game for sock or shoe or other uniform violations, etc.

I wouldn't give them a draft pick penalty. That seems extreme. They already have the authority to award the TD if he interfered. Maybe they should have. The way to deal with it is 1) on the field--immediate penalty, and 2) a follow-up fine and/or suspension, if warranted. $100k sends a good message. That's a third to a half of a kid's college education, pretty significant.

December 4, 2013  03:49 PM ET

If nothing else it will look good on Mike's taxes. That's a $100,000 deductible charitable contribution.


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