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December 6, 2013, 10:12 PM
Stephen A. Smith on his radio show for ESPN 1050 stated earlier this week that Carmelo Anthony has already made up his mind on leaving the New York Knicks. According to Stephen A. the Knicks maximum offer of 5 years $133 million would not be enough incentive to keep Carmelo tied to the struggling franchise. Now, can we believe Stephen A. Smith? While he does have a close relationship with some basketball players, and he does often report and break stories, the man can be wildly inaccurate. Case in point, he recently has been caught on video confusing Russell Westbrook and Russell Wilson, calling Westbrook a great quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He means Wilson and not Westbrook. Anyway, while that???s nitpicking on my part, is Stephen A. right? Has Carmelo already checked out on the Knicks?

When Carmelo Anthony decided to leave the Denver Nuggets a few seasons ago, James Dolan orchestrated a trade for him that went against the wishes of General Manager Donnie Walsh. Walsh did not want to see the Knicks broken up to acquire him, but James Dolan (the mercurial one) decided that he needed a star. Dolan will do anything to keep Carmelo happy, except for the fact that Dolan can???t put together a roster to make the Knicks competitive. However, help may be on the way in the fact that the Knicks have a ton of cap space for 2015 where they could lure a transfomative player such as Kevin Love (who ironically was linked to the franchise by one Stephen A. Smith). The Knicks also have their 1st round draft pick that year in a draft that may be as loaded as the prospective 2014 draft. Carmelo Anthony will soon turn 30, but if he???s willing to take the extension and play out the string until the end of next season, he could be surrounded by a better and more competitive roster. The question for him is: does he want to stick out a rebuilding process in New York?

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December 9, 2013  12:40 PM ET

Carmelo is not a player you want to rebuild around. He's an offensive "Assassin" and nothing else. He needs another superstar on the team to make the other players better. He's a scorer period!!


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