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December 7, 2013, 10:24 PM
Now that we have Cano, a thread to discuss other moves this winter.

The Cano signing most certainly will be accompanied by more surprises.
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some chatter

December 7, 2013  11:13 PM ET

I was surprised that Ellsbury signed with the Yanks, but then there really isn't any loyality in sports. Not sure he is worth $153M...

December 7, 2013  11:16 PM ET

We'll see if Ells stays healthy to begin with. I think the BoSox come out ahead letting him go.

December 7, 2013  11:26 PM ET

I agree, the Sox were never going to give Ellsbury over $100M, same with Cano, don't think the Yanks would go over $200M.

December 7, 2013  11:57 PM ET

The Yanks picked the wrong guy to pay $200M+. Now they will overpay for someone not as good; same philosophy.

December 8, 2013  02:22 AM ET

I would like M's to try to get Price without giving up Walker.

I don't like the idea to get Garza,Jimenez,Santana etc. by paying 15 mil. for 4 years.
They are good pitchers but it won't fit M's current situation,IMO.
M's have some money but not like Dodgers and I'm not for sure if they are ready to go to post season next year.

Try to get Tanaka.
Tanaka is younger than them and probably less salary than them.

If kemp can stay healthy he is one of the best fits for M's.
However, I don't want to see another Guti.
It's a tough one.

We need #3 pitcher and the top notch hitter like Kemp along with Cano.
I don't want them to settle with like Cruz.
I don't think that Cruz can stay healthy and he is not a top notch hitter,IMO.

Stanton might be the one who to pursue.

December 8, 2013  02:31 AM ET

Stanton would clearly be THE bat with Cano, but I do not think they will be trading him now or in the near future.

Tanaka, I agree for sure, but now there is talk he may not even be posted.

Yes, next week at the GM meetings will be interesting.

December 8, 2013  07:50 AM ET

I've known about this acquisition since within 5 minutes of it making the news, but well, I've been just swamped the last couple days, and, I just don't really know what to make of it. I will say that I'm shocked that the M's ponied up like this! Its alot of $$$ and alot of years, especially for someone who'll be over 40 when his contract is up. Hey, its not my $$$ tho. My concern is that we don't lose Paxton or Walker over it! Guess Nick the Stick is going back to the Minors, well, unless he had to go to get Cano? hey, that rhymed, lol Is he gonna hit leadoff? If not, we need to get a good leadoff hitter and maybe another decent outfield RH bat?!

December 8, 2013  07:55 AM ET

And yes, we need a #3 in the SP rotation...I was hoping it'd be Vargas, but he landed in Washington DC... oh wait, that was Fister.... Vargas went to KC didn't he? Should have signed with us as KC ain't winnin nothin any time soon. I think/hope that Paxton and Walker win the 4/5 respectively. Get a decent 3 and I think we'll have a pretty competitive rotation?

December 8, 2013  11:38 PM ET

It seems like that finding #4 hitter is a tough one.
Morales is a good hitter but I think he is not a great #4 hitter.
He can be a good #5 hitter but not good enough to to be a #4 hitter if you think about WS team,IMO.

I don't know what to do.
Maybe try to get Batista or Butler, or bet on Morse to rebound for the next season.
It is interesting how Jack Z take care of that part.

Cano needs a protection.
If the hitter who hit behind him is not that scary Cano can't get good balls to hit that much.
That is going to be a problem,IMO.

December 9, 2013  01:26 AM ET

Here is my idea.

Trade Seager to Yankees and get Gardner for CF.
Sign Drew for SS.
Convert Miller to 3B.

We have very weak center line (C.SS and CF) now.
I think the center line is one of the big keys for success.
If we can do that move we can fill two spots with experienced players.

December 9, 2013  11:46 PM ET

Here is my idea.Trade Seager to Yankees and get Gardner for CF.Sign Drew for SS.Convert Miller to 3B.We have very weak center line (C.SS and CF) now.I think the center line is one of the big keys for success.If we can do that move we can fill two spots with experienced players.

Nothing on the M's side first day.

Papaya, I get your meaning on your "idea". I like Gardner, but Seager is a steep price to pay. Yanks want pitching and Gardner won't bring a substantial return there either.

We still need a right handed good hitter with some pop. A GOOD starter (Tanaka please - post him!), and a closer would not hurt. A move for someone like Gardner would then be some fine tuning.

Some moves in anticipation of other moves (that may not transpire) can harm the big picture.

December 10, 2013  12:15 AM ET

Clem 7

Kemp is one of the best fits for M's,IMO.
I think he is one of the #4 hole hitters who can protect #3 hitter Cano.

If Dodgers can take care of some of his salary it might worth to get him.
He can be a DH hitter too.
However, if he continues having health problem getting him is going to be a bad one.
It is a tough one.

December 10, 2013  01:07 AM ET

Papaya, agreed on Kemp and it may be worth a chance. You can't just sign Cano and stop. Too much heat on Cano and the youngsters. Get Kemp and Choo or a similar haul, filter the youngsters in and move to the pitching.

By the way, I have not given up on Smoak either.

December 10, 2013  04:24 PM ET

Kemp may not be healthy for spring training. Another worry.

M's linked to F. Rodney, relief/closer. Not crazy about that. Prefer Balfour.

December 10, 2013  04:41 PM ET ariners-dustin-ackley/

Teams interested in Ackley.

December 10, 2013  04:41 PM ET ariners-dustin-ackley/

Teams interested in Ackley. Any decent return?

December 10, 2013  08:11 PM ET

It seems like that Kemp can't be a opening regular OF.

M's need a right handed OF who can hit Lefties badly.
They might need to resign with Guti or Morse as a 4th OF and DH role which might not be a bad idea if you think about the availability in this off season.

I don't think M's need Choo. Another left handed hitter who has been struggling with hitting lefties.
He is not a good defensive player too.
We already have too many players like him in the roster. (Seager,Saunders,Miller,Smoak)
Jack Z said that he wants Ibanez to come back but his priority is to find a right handed hitter.

If Ackley is gone who is going to play OF next season?
I think that Ackley can play LF and that position is most ideal one for him,IMO.
However,the teams who are interested in him think about him as a 2B player.
If we trade Ackley we need a athletic OF who can play center in major level next season.

December 11, 2013  03:26 PM ET

Corey Hart and Logan Morrison. Seems to point to more moves.

I would say Choo is still not out of the question (understand your concerns, Papaya, but he does have a good obp even against lefties).

Still need some pitching and another bat or two would not hurt.

I like the change in personnel; will provide a different Mariner team. The old guard of players to surround the youngsters just did not work.

December 11, 2013  05:57 PM ET

I like the move to get Hart with one year contract.
I don't know if he can be 100% healthy next season but we need a right handed bat who has some pop.
Even if he won't work next season that won't hurt the team too much because of the one year contract.

I don't understand what they get Morrison for.
He is like Smoak and his defense is not as good as Smoak,IMO.
He is not as healthy as Smoak too.

If he can play LF that make sense but if he can play just 1B I don't know why they got him.
We don't need both Smoak and Morrison at 1B,IMO.

M's still need a CF,Catcher,SP and bullpen pitcher.
I heard that M's are close to sign Guti.

I think that there is going to be at least one more trade in this off season.
Also they might be saving some money for getting Tanaka later.

I don't think that they will get Kemp.
We already have some injury prone players (Hart and Morrison ) and they can't afford to have more players like them,IMO.


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