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December 10, 2013, 09:49 AM
2013 Results: 74-88, fifth in AL East

The Blue Jays went all-in last offseason, and it blew up in their faces. It is unlikely they go back for an extreme makeover but the team will explore both free agency and the trade market to shore up their deficiencies and then effectively cross their fingers.

Fingers will be crossed because in 2014, not one player from the Jays starting nine on offense appeared in at least 150 games. In fact, no Jay even played in as many as 145 games, with only Adam Lind and Encarnacion cracking the 140 game played mark with 143 and 142 games respectively. And, Lind only started a total of 121 games with 76 games being as a field player, first base, while the other starts were as a DH; while, Encarnacion led all starters with 142 games but only with 87 games were in the field, either as a third baseman or a first baseman, and the rest were as a DH.

After Lind and Encarnacion, catcher J.P. Arencibia appeared in 138 games but only started 118 and 7 of those starts were as a DH. And, he was followed by outfielders Colby Rasmus (118), Jose Bautista (118) and Melky Cabrera (88), and, infielders Brett Lawrie (107), Emilio Bonifacio (94) and Jose Reyes (93).

Clearly injuries, and other unforeseen factors, strongly worked against the Jays with ever having a cohesive and effective team on the field for any continued and productive length of time. For the Jays to be effective in 2014 that has to be addressed and changed or they will certainly be doomed to finish last, or, near last in the AL East once again. That may mean players need to be added, dropped or traded but the team needs a starting nine to be on the field for more than an average of about 115 games out of the season if the team want sot be competitive.

Of course, it would also help if the Blue Jays??? pitchers performed a tad better but the bottom line is they still need a team, in every sense of the word, to be on the field day in and day out to be effective.
Alex Anthopoulos

Alex Anthopoulos

General Manager Alex Anthopoulos has said he is authorize to spend more than he did in 2013 and that starting pitching is a priority. He also says he would like to shore up his catching and the middle infield. Having said that, here is the outlook for the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays???

Pending Free Agents: C Henry Blanco, OF Rajai Davis, RHP Josh Johnson, IF Munenori Kawasaki, RHP Ramon Ortiz

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January 14, 2014  04:10 AM ET

The Blue Jays have three basic needs. They must find a number one starter. They must find a two hole hitter and cf with an arm. They must get a reliable 2b/ss for the bench or at least 3A ready.
They have a Closer in Casey Janssen and a set up in Brett Cecil -LT_ All Star Game to trade.
They also have one orf Rasmus-Cabrara-Lind to trade, if they get the cf.
They also have Happ Romero Drabek Hutchison and possibly Buherle for the right pitcher.

January 14, 2014  04:15 AM ET

For my money, the front running pitchers the Jays should be looking at would be Masterson and Hamel. I would also like Cesar Hernandez from the Phillys 3A 2b, and Bret Gardner cf from the Yankees.


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