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December 10, 2013, 02:22 PM
I'm a bears fan. I'm happy ditka number is retired. But was it too late to retire it. I mean shouldn't they retired it when he went to the hall. And if not why they wait so long..
December 10, 2013  02:49 PM ET

I figured no more than a decade after his 1985/sb-win...!?,.....up here in the pats/org. they have a pats ~H.O.Fame~ for popular players, and some are being ~honored~ after they just retired [not wait 20/25-yrs.].

December 10, 2013  02:51 PM ET

I'm a bears fan. I'm happy ditka number is retired. But was it too late to retire it. I mean shouldn't they retired it when he went to the hall. And if not why they wait so long..

They didn't wait too late, he's still alive.

December 10, 2013  04:48 PM ET

He had some differences with ownership (let's face it, he could be an abrasive guy) that probably delayed the recognition.

December 11, 2013  01:52 AM ET

No matter what, it was DONE. NOW it cannot be undone. Remember, (and I will inform many of you younger fans respectfully), that OUR IRON MIKE DITKA was fired. A very distressing day to many of us older fans.

Much hot blood was spilled and heated words were said, after his firing. Many people on the Bears had to both leave, and others had to decide to forgive and forget.

This IS the FIRST or Second season of our new team President. (I humbly appologize, that I'm not sure which McCaskey has left and is currently our President.) I think it was due to the LAST one leaving that this honor could be accomplished for Iron Mike. So don't forget, that there is a whole new administration with and running the Bears the last two seasons.

Thank God, Mike IS still living and he got his final so deserved day in Soldier Field. Welcome to the HONORED place which you have so earned, and so definately deserve. Other than George Halas himself, I don't think anyone deserves to be there MORE than you. And we have had some of the BEST players of all time. Just two GREAT coaches so far, but Mark Trestman is working on that. LOL

God Bless you IRON Mike, we so loved watching you play, and Coach, our beloved team. GO BEARS!!!

P.S. I honestly think even my idols Walter (Payton), Gayle (Sayers), and Dick (Butkus), agree that Mike Ditka deserves this honor.

December 11, 2013  01:57 AM ET

Follow up to the above posting, It's just a dang shame that we could only get you 3/4ths of a good or great QB. This was the Bear's downfall for so, so, long. That a QB was just one player of the starting 22 and wasn't as important as the rest of the NFL thought.

This thank God policy has now been changed and we are finally (I think) on the way to MORE Super Bowls. IN Trestman and Emery, I TRUST. GO BEARS!!!

December 11, 2013  04:01 AM ET

Ditka was the man and the 1985 Bears were the best 1 year team I have ever seen. I take dynasties over 1 year teams like the 49ers of the 80's and Cowboys of the 90's but for that 1 year those Bears were special. They should've went 19-0 but Marino beat them in Miami as he was on fire that night.

December 11, 2013  06:28 AM ET

The Bears were in the NFC Championship the year before that team, and made the playoffs several other times. Their continuing problem was the lack of a quality QB. Injuries or just down right not having one. Grrr Anyone remember Mike Tomczac and Vince Evans? To ONLY name two, LOL.



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