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February 27, 2009, 03:11 PM
This is continued from my earlier post about the Packer's offseason. The Green Bay Packers have many holes to fill, prefurably rebuilding the O-line and bringing n players experienced in the 3-4 to bolster the Defense. They could also use youth and depth in the secondary. Here are some selections as of Febraury 27th tht the packers should make come draft day:

#9- the Packers can do 1 of 2 things. They can draft one of the many talented Offensive tackles, or draft a player that fits into their 3-4 system Dom Capers is bringing. So if i was Ted Thompson, the first thing i would look at would be if Jason Smith or Eugen Monroe are left on the board. If 1 of them are left, Thompson should jump on them since they are the 2 elite offensive lineman in the draft in my opinion. If not, he could pick up a 3-4 man such as Everrette Brown, B.J. Raji, or Brian Orakpo. i am not a real fan of any of these players, but i think Everrette Brown would be the best choice. Raji and Orakpo are kind of 1 year wonders and Orakpo was invisable in the big games, such as the Fiesta Bowl. Players Ted Thompson really needs to pass up if they are left: Michael Oher, OT, Andre Smith, OT, Brain Orakpo, DE, B.J. Raji, NT, Malcolm Jenkins, CB.
The Wildcard here would be trading down and picking up 1 of the lesser Offensive tackles liek William Beatty or Eben Britton or picking up a lesser 3-4 guy like Aaron Maybin or Larry English. I would like Thompson to trade up and get Aaron Curry, who would fit the system perfectly, but we Packer fans know that will not be an option....sigh.

#41- Depending what way the Packers go in Round 1, if they draft an O-lineman or a 3-4 guy, the packers will do the opposite in round 2. So if they get an O-lineman in round 1, look for them to try and get a nice 3-4 talent like Paul Kruger, DE, Clint Sintim, DE/OLB, or Robert Ayers, DE. If they took a 3-4 guy in round 1, the O-lineman most likely that would fit nicely would be Jamon Merideth, OT, Phil Loadholt, OT, or my favorite, Max Unger, OL. Unger can play any position on the line and is very versatile and had good experience at Oregon helping Jonathan Stewart and Dennis Dixon out.
Wildcard: Thompson might go Defensive Back her, but i hope not. He drafted Pat lee,CB last year in round 2 and he didnt look so good. But if he does look at Darius Butler, CB, D.J. Moore, CB, and Sean Smith, CB/S.

#73- most likely an offensive lineman or D-lineman. I would go with Troy Kropug, OT, Ron Brace, NT, or Xavier Fulton, OT, Illinois.

#84- 2 3rd round picks could mean drafting a TE or CB here. i say Jared Cook, TE, James Casey, TE, Jarius Byrd, CB/S, or Keenan Lewis, CB.

#105- This 4th round pick will jsut to add depth at the D-line and Linebacker Spots.
Vance Walker, DE/DT, Marcus Freeman, LB, or Jason Williams, OLB.

This is as far as i will go. Leave your comments or whatever. Will try to respond A.S.A.P.


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