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January 15, 2014, 11:00 PM
The Problem:

The problem is not a hard one to figure out. As I referenced before, the challenge in basketball is the failure of the NCAA to properly prepare individuals for 1. the real world and 2. life after college. Both of which will come about one day. The NCAA has purposefully voided the future of students they ???care about??? to see to it their wallets enhance. If you don???t believe me, reference the entirety of Blue Chips ( A movie made twenty years ago addressed two common problems in non-professional sports; deserting the team who worked so hard to recruit you, used a scholarship on you, and built you up to what you are now is the hand that has just been bitten. But people ask, can you honestly blame the kids? Yes. You sure as hell can. Isn???t that how we learn anyways? From our mistakes and injustice? It is a sickening disgrace and a belief of untold ignorance for young men to think they can handle the chiseled, veteran responsibility it takes to play in professional sports. And yes, the responsibility of a celebrity athlete has its own untold burdens. You can barely write, but yet make what some of us will never seen in one lifetime as a yearly salary. This, folks, is what we call a broken system.

The Solution:

If you haven???t figured it out yet, I am a true believer in a collegiate athlete being required to go the ENTIRE four years that they promised the university who worked so hard to get them there. You committed to X University. Committed. Not ???we???ll see who???s going to pay me after this year??? commitment. But here???s an inside scoop as to why they leave short of their commitment: they weren???t raised on honor, commitment, or values of any type. That???s where our problem lies. Again, it comes down to the environment a person comes from. If you weren???t taught it, how are you supposed to know? Easy. Reference the definition and teach yourself. It needs to be done.

Still think it is useless to go to college for an entire four years of sports, which is what you promised a university? Still think man-children should be able to make their own choices? Then let me leave you with this: College is where you go to learn. The real world is where you go to grow up. Without one, you cannot do the other.

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January 16, 2014  08:28 AM ET

If the kids leave college early there's nothing the college can do about it. It would have to be the professional sports leagues.

Basically the leagues would need to require players to have a four-year degree in order to play. Which leaves a hole open for competing sports leagues to steal away athletic talent. And it doesn't really make sense from an education point of view either (do you really need a college-level education to play sports?).

The only problem is the situation that these kids put themselves in by leaving early. But they willingly took the risk so I really can't feel bad for them. It's not like they're the only people in this country who have to enter the job market without a degree. Not to mention these kids already have X amount of semesters/years worth of college credits for free. They only need to go back to school and pay their way through a fraction of the remaining courses... not the entire 4-years. If they opt to not go back to school, once again, that's their own decision.


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