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March 9, 2009, 12:31 PM

Adam Jones - CB
Tank Johnson - DT
Anthony Henry - CB
Terrell Owens - WR
Roy Williams - SS
Zach Thomas - MLB
Chris Canty - DE


Jon Kitna - QB
Keith Brooking - MLB
Igor Olshansky - DE

Dallas has made some solid offseason moves if you ask me...

Jones, and Tank were no-brainers....even though Tank really didnt create any issues.

Jones gets replaced instantly in the lineup by Scandrick and Jenkins and that is an upgrade, not a downgrade.....let alone the headaches and circus atmosphere that Jones brings.

TO was a tough move, but in the end, his fault or not, he had maybe 1 year left in Dallas and figuring out what you have in Roy Williams is better now than this is a deep-deep WR draft and Dallas can snag one in round 2 if needed.

Zach Thomas was decent in Dallas but how can you pay him to only play 2 downs? Keith Brooking is 3 yrs younger, costs about the same, plays nickle D and had about 40 more tackles last season as well.

Chris Canty was solid but not spectacular in Dallas, not to mention, Stephen Bowen and Jason Hatcher (Canty's backups) did more statistically than he did for millions less. Canty got too pricey at 7 mil per season and Igor Olshansky is now there for 3 mil less per year and played for Phillips D in San Diego...once again, another solid move.

Roy Williams missed 13 games last season and was already replaced by Watkins and Keith Davis....Dallas does need another Strong Saftey, but it is not life or death considering we did go 13 games with those guys and we finished with the 7th ranked D in the league....go figure.

Anthony Henry has been solid in Dallas but with him getting older, being due a roster bonus(that according to writers was not going to be paid) and the youth uprising of Scandrick and Jenkins, he was him in favor of Jon Kitna was a great decision...probably the best all off season....reason why? Simple...Kitna was about to get cut, if he had, his asking price would have gone up and priced us out of the market for him. The guy is still a #1QB in this league, heck he is only 1 season removed from throwing for over 4000yds...Gimme Kitna last season when Romo went down and I betya Dallas goes 2-1, maybe 3-0 vs 1-2...that extra win puts Dallas at 10-6 and we make the playoffs...Arizona just showed that ANYTHING can happen when you get in.

I still think Dallas has a bit left in the tank this offseason....nothing major, but probably another WR gets brought in and hopefully they re-sign Keith Burnett as well..Keith was really good in Nickle and does provide a good backup to James and Parcells said, "you can never have enough good linebackers!"

With the circus leaving town, moving into a new stadium and with Phillips fighting for his job, I bet you the team gets back to a "team mentality" and wins more games as a result.

Do not forget that Romo, Barber, Felix and Witten were all hurt last year...Witten played thru it, but you could tell the man was in pain.

Injuries are a part of football, but not as bad as they were for us last season.

Overall, I think talent-wise, money-wise and team-wise, this season has been a solid B+ and once the Ware deal gets done and 1 more solid F/A possibly comes in and you could give them an A.

Good job.


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