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March 16, 2009, 11:35 AM
Well, good job McD, you ****ed up big time.
And good job Cutler for crying us a river...
With reports from, its pretty easy to tell that something is gonna happen at QB position for sure, we just don't know what yet. I see a one of two things happening. 1 - Cutler is going to get traded to Detroit for the #1 over all pick. 2 - He's gonna shut up and do whatever he can to stay in Denver rather then going to Detroit by doing everything he can (including kissing McD's ****) I think its gonna be option number 1 though. From there the question comes up... Who's gonna be next Broncos QB...
There are so many options out there right now that its pretty hard to find a place to start looking at. 1st we of course will have the back ups, 2nd we have the draft, 3rd we have free agency and 4th we have Michel Vick.
To be honest I really want Vick in Denver, its just unimaginable what he can possibly do to win games, we can scramble pretty well and he's a good passer and thats just enough for me to like him despite him killing those dogs. (I'm sure all hippies and animal rights people would love him too after he had couple of big games)
Then of course if that doesn't work out we have people that were already in NFL for some time, and Im talking about our back ups, Simms and Hackney. Now I seen how Hackney plays and I think with more playing time he could very well be a starer. I really cant say same for Simms as I never saw him play but Im sure he's a great guy and I'd love to see him compete for the starting job.
Then comes the draft. I don't know if Id want the big name prospect like Stafford or Sanchez, I think I would rather take someone like Freeman (less heard off but still has lots of potential).
And last comes the free agency. The only good QB here right now is Byron Leftwitch, if its not him than FA is not an option.

Thats my thought on the QB position, what do you guys think, will Cutler try to kiss up and try to stay in Denver or Broncos need to start looking for a QB?


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