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April 15, 2009, 03:01 PM
After looking over the new NFL schedule, as a Boys fan, I am excited about the potential season...barring any major injuries during pre-season to either team, this is how I see it going down....

Wk 1 @ Tampa - coming off a 9-7 season, with a change at Head coach, QB, and several cuts on defense, I see the Boys winning this one on the road.
Wk 2 Giants - opening our new stadium against the GMen, who could ask for more? The Giants have lost Plaxico and Ward at RB who rushed for over 1000yds and unless they swing a deal for Braylon, this team is in trouble offensively. Their defense is stout, but not stout enough....Boys win, going to 2-0.
Wk 3 Panthers - this is a tricky game...with Steve Smith and company, they could send Dallas to their first loss of the season but with the excitement still flowing from the Giants game and being in the new digs, I see a tight win for Dallas....3-0
Wk 4 @ Broncos - Denver has many similarities to Tampa...and with no QB and a new coach, it will be a tough season...Dallas wins and moves to 4-0.
Wk 5 @ Chiefs - the Chiefs have a new QB and a few promising things to tout and I think Dallas wins another super tight game and gets to 5-0 at the bye.
Wk 6 BYE
Wk 7 Falcons - Atl suffers a setback this season and coming to Dallas with only a run game to muster, Dallas wins again... 6-0 is looking good.
Wk 8 Seattle - Dallas owns the Hawks yet again. 7-0.
Wk 9 @ Philly - stark reminders of last seasons debacle in Philly continue and we lose our 1st game of the season, going to 7-1.
Wk 10 @ Packers - the weather is getting cold, but the Packers are still rebuilding, Dallas wins on the road in GB again for the 2nd season straight and move to a whopping 8-1.
Wk 11 Skins - The Boys take down Washington due to homefield and are 9-1.
Wk 12 Raiders - lol, the Raiders, nuff said....10-1.
Wk 13 @ Giants - tough game at the Meadowlands in cold weather and Dallas loses...10-2.
Wk 14 Bolts - a tricky game b/c I think the Bolts improve this season over last, but with the game at home in our friendly confines, Dallas wins and gets to 11-2.
Wk 15 @ Saints - the Saints hand us a tough loss while some think this will be an easy win...reminders of StL comes to mind....11-3.
Wk 16 @ Skins - another stiff loss and the season series is split and now the December swoon appears again...11-4.
Wk 17 Eagles - Dallas beats the Eagles for the divison title (yes, you heard that correct) by 1 game and takes the East, while posting the best record in the NFC at 12-4 and earns homefield throughout the playoffs.

This schedule is tricky due to how bad some of the teams are and how tough the NFC East is...

I am assuming that Roy Williams replaces TO nicely in the offense and that the D gets even better with Wade calling the shots.

Overall, there will be bumps in the road but this is a schedule that favors the Cowboys.

If you look at the last 3 seasons, December is the tricky month for the Boys and with 2 games at home and 1 game in NewOrleans, they do not have that incredibly tough of a stretch to get hot on headed into the playoffs...

Granted, I am biased, but, I think Dallas pulls it off.

I also see the Eagles, Panthers, Cards, Bears and Giants making the playoffs.
August 19, 2011  06:17 PM ET

Not quite 12-4, you were really close at 11-5.

August 20, 2011  08:02 AM ET

Steelers fan here.

Ahhh, that's the beauty of the offseason, everything seems possible.

....And, then.....Tony Romo walks on the field.....and, it's "Groundhog Day"......


4th Quarter - 1:51

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