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April 15, 2009, 05:03 PM
In fact, the mock draft is too long to post here, but here's a sample:


8. Jacksonville Jaguars

04/15/09- Andre Smith OT. Yes, yes, I know all about Smith's Combine antics. In fact, his slide actually started before the Combine. But in the end I think: (1) the Jags aren't finished overhauling their O-line despite signing former Eagle Tra Thomas (who's no spring chicken himself), (2) there's no great value at this point in the draft for DT or 4-3 OLB, which are two positions of arguably greater need for the Jags, (3) the post-Combine developments (except for the shirtless running) may have helped stop Smith's freefall and allowed him to re-establish some momentum, and (4) Smith himself is just too much of a physical specimen and talent to fall very far when the recent drafting trend is to mortgage the farm for a cornerstone tackle. Everette Brown is still on the board as a 4-3 end, but hell will freeze over before the Jags spend their top 2009 pick on another end after going Derrick Harvey-Quentin Groves to open up their draft last year. Interestingly, some mock drafts project the Jags to go with one of the QBs (Stafford or Sanchez) here. Despite Garrard's struggles last year, I still think this is way too early to give up on him, which the Jags would ultimately be doing by sacrificing their high first round pick on a QB when they have so many other needs. Add all of this up, and I think the answer is "Andre Smith". He's the massive road grader that fits the prototypical RT mold, and is considered to have the potential to even take over the left side at some point. As a final thought, the Jags would have to be tempted if Crabtree or Maclin are still on the board on account of the near certainty that last year's leading receiver Matt Jones is going to be suspended again and possibly even imprisoned, but I'd still go with Smith over the receivers based on the relative importance of their positions.


That's why the draft is long, I'm trying to explain the basis for each pick as much as possible. Hey, you may disagree with me (that's fine, I enjoy a spirited debate as much as the next hardcore NFL fan), but at least I'm giving you the reasoning for my projections.

The link is:

Hope to hear your thoughts and predictions!


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