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April 17, 2009, 12:50 PM
I have to vent about the new Yankee Stadium. Yes I am a true Yankees, fan, back to the days of Pasquale Perez, Deon Sanders and Steve Balboni (hey gimmie a break I'm only 25). I realize that this is going to entice some abuse by nature, I'm willing to put up with that.

I had the chance to attend the Yankees - Cubs preseason game at the new stadium on April 4th. It's a beautiful place, much more comfortable, much more roomy then the "old" digs. But there is something, the irks me, befuddles me, annoys me. For a team richer than all (maybe with the exception of Boston), and so entranced by there own history, they did us all a great disservice. I'm not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, so aside from the cheaper cost of preseason tickets, I won't be able to afford a regular season game...(i know boo who for me). But to spend $1.7 billion to "pay homage to the old", they could've paid a little more attention to what matters, and a little less on filling the place with more flat screens than a Best Buy warehouse.

For starters "new monument park" is a sham. It's an alley, not a park, much smaller and darker then the original. It is hardly viewable from the field level seats, and completely invisible to the players on the field. It sits under the monstrosity that is the hard rock cafe / Yankee steak house in centerfield. Hardly a location for "hallowed" grounds, more appropriate for a patio area for the restaurant. And this bothers me the most...(i'm sure many of you don't care, but Yankee fans might.)

There is no feel, no intimidation "factor" with this place. At the old stadium you felt as if the fans, especially the upper deck, were directly on top of you (or at least it felt that way from the seats below). It's quiet, even watching on tv yesterday you did not feel the excitement that the old stadium illicited on opening day.

Sure the new stadium is cleaner, more advanced, the food is better, the view is better all around, but it doesn't feel like home. In my opinion, it probably NEVER WILL. In the end the only feeling i get can be summed up with a conversation i had with a friend:

"Sure new is in, it's like the hot new actress, everybody would love to take a shot at. But in the end you feel guilty because you feel like your cheating on your wife. Maybe she's not the prettiest anymore, but she's always been there, and the good times have outwayed (and no I can't spell either) the bad."


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