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April 20, 2009, 08:49 AM
well, the spring game has come and gone. what have we learned from this years game? I was there so I will try and give my observations. weather was beautiful!! the boys looked pumped from the get go. as far as the quarterbacks go, neither Clausen or Crist looked that good. floating passes, missed targets, pretty much out of sync for both I thought. Clausen was 8-17 for 70yrds and Crist was 4-10 for 40 yrds. Clausen threw the only pic of the day. that was a sweet 42 yard pic-6 by stud DB Robert Blanton. this kid was goin against Floyd and Tate all day and they got nothin. 1 catch a piece. Nate Montana got some reps and looked solid. 2-2 for something like 50 yrds and a TD. one really nice throw down the middle to TE Mike Ragone who is back from injury. Rudolf also had 4 catches for 27 yrds. the running game looked very good. 252 total yards! Allen had 12 for 70yrds, Hughes was 21 touches for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Jonas Gray had 20 touches 89yrds and a TD. this guy is gonna be special. I really like the way he runs...downhill and with speed. he likes to run people over too! it was kinda hard to tell if the run game success was do to good offensive execution of the young D-line. the youth on D-line is one of our biggest concerns this year. but the o-line opened up some nice holes, but then again the D had 3 sacks and more than a few stuffs in the backfield. D-lineman Ethan Johnson, Hafis Williams, and Ian Williams each had sacks. early enrollee freshman Zeke Motta led the D with 7 tackles!!! he was flyin all over the field. it was something to see from this young man. one of the most encouraging things I saw was the fact that the top 2 tacklers were a linebacker and a D-lineman. in years past all top tacklers were DBs. oh, and Brandon Walker hit a 48yrd field goal...way to go boy! lol all in all I was impressed so far. still work to do, but for as many young guys that contributed in that game it can only make you hopeful. GO IRISH!!!!!


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