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April 21, 2009, 02:50 AM
Yeah, yeah... I know crazy right? Well get this:

1. Edwards has had Charloie Frye, Trent Dilfer, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Josh Cribbs (who??), Bruce Gradkowski and Ken Dorsey (who can't throw further than 20 yards in the NFL as his QB's... so someone SAY SOMETHING OTHER THAN DROPS. SHOW YOU ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING

Throw out the rookie year due to injury. That effectively means 06 was a rookie year for him, but not really... Anyway, he had FRYE as his QB for the majority of the year and Anderson - who until then was NOTHING. Let's face it, two years ago, noone thought this clown could do the job, except for one thing... CONTRACT YEAR!

Also, the supporting cast not what the other two have, and a stellar TE does not do as much as a good WR aopposite another one does. Furthermore, he will be a cheaper contract over the lnext 2 seasons, as he will be a Restricted FA next season... Faster than Q and stronger the Ocho Cino, among many other things...

2. Boldin - why second? Because he complained, and he has "no Comment" for an agent, and I don't think he would be as good as he is without LF on the other side. Also he has missed over 20 games, including the playoffs in his career (yes he is tough, but he still missed the games).

Also his avg yds per rec aren't impressive either, and he has had better QB play than Edwards, as well as having LF on the other side of the field... Contract will be expensive and he has an agent that will turn him into a hold out problem for the Giants, too...

3. Ocho Cinco... bi-polar defined. Can't spell eighty five in Spanish, and his Lord of the Dance routine is old. Poor teammate, does not need to be picked by the G-men.

Anyway, like Q, he had a better receiver on the other side of him that made him better and Carson Palmer, too.

So will the three ebing avail affect the trade value? I think it might bring it down for the first team, but once Q or Edwards go, it'll be we have the angel or you can take the goon that can't spell or dance!


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