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April 21, 2009, 09:10 AM 1446796&forum=1&page=1&pc=114

"I have a confession to make.

Bully Beatdown is completely fake. Everyone on it is actors. Everyone involved with the show knows that it is fake and we script pretty much everything that comes out of their mouth. I have not yet got an executive producer credit, or a writer's credit- but I write the bully's dialouge myself. I will be E.P. on season two. That's right, our scripted fake show is suppossedly doing so well done that we will be getting a season two. Makes my stomach hurt that I'm selling this slop. I'm sorry.

The fights are the most complicated portion of the show. The real trick is, hiring stuntmen that are so skilled that they can make it look like we are putting them in 16 oz gloves, headgear and convincingly get beat up by mixed martial artists. We looked high and low, but we found them, and made the show really convincing. Unfortunately, the people on the internet are much too bright to be fooled by this trickery, and have exposed us. This doesn't really affect us too much, because no one cares what a few back alley websites say about our hit MTV show, but I couldn't bear to read the forum with all this shame that I'm carrying around. I'm actually considering turning down the contract to host the next season because of the ridicule that I'm recieving on this board and others.

Again. I'm sorry interwebz. I apologize, sincerely. "
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March 3, 2012  08:28 AM ET

Win or lose, I getta kick outta Mayhem. I really hope chokes out the doberman and finally gets that 1st octagon W.

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April 3, 2012  01:38 PM ET

You write for this show? Your writing skills are about a second grade level. Let me give you a little example...."That's right, our scripted fake show is suppossedly doing so well done that we will be getting a season two."

Uhhhhh...."doing so well done...."

You couldn't get hired as a janitor for Bully Beatdown let alone a writer. Give me a break. Here is a little hint for time you post something have mommy or daddy edit it for you so you don't look like a total idiot.

April 3, 2012  02:52 PM ET

This thread proves a point. What a freaking troll skanedoucher is.From Mayhem after some idiot posted the above fake crap.I really don't care if a few conspiracy theorists on the internet thinkthat bully beardown is fake- anyone with half a brain will tell youthat you can't fake beating the hell out of someone, and that happenson every episode. Do they think we hired a stuntman that can projectilevomit on command?Internet nitpickers and rollerbladers, who we poked fun at in anepisode have come out claiming the show is fake, but its legit. Are thebully's ****? Yep? Do they want to be on tv? Hell yes. They allreally think they can beat my pro-fighter too. Yes, you don't have tobe on the internet to be completely stupid. Yes, I pwned you guys.There's the Bully Beatdown tell all, right there, let's see if the fruit-booters put THAT on their website...Mayhem

How about when some of the fighters get smacked back by the bully. I know its scripted to an extend but not all is scripted.

July 31, 2012  07:52 PM ET

I love the Show and Jason Mayhem Miller Rocks! Wish it were back! Thank You Jason for all your time and energy. I'm old enough to be your whole family adores you Bro. :)

December 6, 2012  11:44 PM ET

Does it matter...what matters is that it (the show)has a message it is entertainment and Jason you are a Kick-**** Guy, great showman and Host who i adore watching on television. What is all this apologizing crapp about??? It??s television for gods sake....get back and stop taking in negative messages ...there are always people who try to break something good ....don??t, accepting that is accepting bullying for real as a matter of **** fact. Love You Mayhem! X (Holland)

April 14, 2014  01:30 AM ET

I am really angry that it is scripted. I only loved this show because it wasn't like all the other shows like WWE or any thing else like that. I hate WWE because it's scripted and to find out that bully beatdown is scripted makes me angry. This show helps me with the bullies that made fun of me now I feel like mayhem has never been bullied and what he said is all a lie. Thanks for the great show mayhem but I am done watching bully beatdown because it's all lies.


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