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April 22, 2009, 08:44 AM
Here's my un-expert opinion on the Titans positions with some thoughts on the upcoming draft:

QB: Kerry is decent and steady. Vince could still come around. Draft: I'd wait to draft till next year.....the class is much, much deeper and we'll know more about where Vince's is headed. I am secretly hoping for really. If he doesn't pan out for QB he will work hard enough to become a Wycheck......if he does work out then watch out.

RB: Great tandom. Lendale and Johnson are great and poised for even a better year. The WR core is getting better year after year which will help, and Lendale is slimming down and looking for a new contract lever for next year. Draft: I wouldn't spend too much time looking at the draft this year......unless Jeff wants another project.

WR: Honestly our core is getting better. No they will NEVER be Quan and Fitz, but they don't have to be. Draft: After Crab, Mac, and Harv, this year's class is pretty even. You've got Washington (speed and deep threat) could get a Robiskie or another sure handed WR later in the draft.

TE: We are set at this spot. Alge is a great blocker and can catch, but Scaife is obviously our go to guy. Draft: This year's class is supposed to be loaded. I wouldn't mind spending a middle rd pick here. Especially if you could get a talented receiving threat and split them out.....ala Dallas Clark.

OL: Our starters are incredible.....depth is not. Draft: We need to get some depth at any OL position. At C.....we need youth and future, but we might be able to wait till the next couple of years.

DL: So we lost Big Al. I think we'll still be ok. Haye and Jones will plug the middle adequately, but will it be enough. We need Van and Freak to stay healthy. Draft: Spend a pick....sure. We need depth. I would tend to lean DE in the early rds, with DT possibly later....I wouldn't be surprised with a 1st rounder DE.

LB: Tulloch is getting better and Bullock is Bullock. Thornton holds his own. Draft: This years possibilities could include one of the USC's 3 to Laurenitis.......I'm ok with that. If the opportunity is there and the Titans decide to take a LB.....I'll sleep ok.

CB: Cortland and Co. Cortland is awesome and Nick is good, but aging awefully fast. We lost a lot of depth and added little in FA. Draft: This is where I think Jeff (a former CB) will go in round 1. A corner would make an immediate impact.....especially if they return kicks. (i.e. Butler and Vandy's own Moore) Many sites say Vontae Davis will get picked, though I've heard he's got personal issues. (flashbacks to Pacman) To cover myself, Jeff did find Cortland in rd they may have some later rd targets in case they don't take one in the 1st rd.

S: Hope and Griffin....yeah, 'nough said. Draft: I can't see this happening. Unless someone is drafted that is a swing player. (some predict Jenkins to be a CB/S - not that he'll be around very long in the 1st though, but I'm using him as an example.)

My Final 3 tier take on draft needs (in order of need):

1. CB, DE, LB
2. DT, OL, WR/TE
3. QB, S, RB


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