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April 26, 2009, 09:15 PM
Wow, talk about a pleasant surprise....the Eagles, and the fans should be very happy with the 1st two selections. How WR Maclin slipped onto their laps is remarkable. (he was rated a top ten prospect) He averaged over 200 all purpose yards per game his college career.
He can do it all, and very, very well. (32 TD's in 28 games) Whether it is returning kicks, punts, taking a hand-off, taking a snap in the wild-cat, or catching the ball and making defenders miss, this is a great value pick (only had to give up 6th rd. pick to move up). A threat to score from anywhere on the field. For those who wondered which player would be a return threat if D-Jack, and Demps, would have more of a starting role, well...they just got the best in college. He is a bigger version of D-Jack (6'/198lbs) that will have an immediate impact. Those two on the field create serious mismatches.
Then with their 2nd pick they got another very productive player in RB McCoy
(36 TD's in 25 games,35 rushing). Once Moreno got taken by Denver(???), the Eagles still got a back who they had visit, and they liked. McCoy is not as small as people think (5'10/198lbs). He is a great fit with his skill set (only weakness appears to be blocking, which can be taught). He is a very shifty, quick back with great hands, and vision. A season of learning from one of the best in Westbrook, and adding a few more pounds, the Eagles have created a very explosive offense. The holes the O-Line is going to be making, plus having FB Weaver...we didn't need to take a 230lb RB.
The only negative I can pick from day two, is they traded down twice, and lost the opportunity to select a play-making TE like Cook, Coffeman, etc. The TE's are getting scooped up now, I don't know if there will be anybody with play-making ability in rd.5.
Analyze WR Maclin, and RB McCoy before rushing to judgment, and you can begin to see the youth, talent, and evolution of the offense. Good day Eagle fans!
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April 26, 2009 02:45 PM ET
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With the run on CB's, the Eagles just made a solid value trade for CB Ellis Hobbs, a 4 year starting corner with return ability (for two 5th's) from the N.E.Patriots.
Just in case Sheldon decides not to report, or be a distraction, they now have depth, and starters in the secondary. Another good move by the F.O.

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April 26, 2009 05:41 PM ET
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Boy that negative sure turned into a positive real fast. They got a play-making TE in Ingram, who I thought would be gone by the time the Eagles would have a chance to select him, without having to move up. It felt like an eternity watching all those TE's fly off the board...waiting for the 153rd pick. The knee injury must have scared away the other teams, but he is no doubt an athlete at the position. Fully recovered from the injury, Ingram might actually turn out to be a steal. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed on that, but not for lack of effort.
Hats off to Andy, for all the abuse he took in the off-season from the fans...he went off. skill position with the 1st 3 picks. Time to go chug a beer!


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