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May 6, 2009, 08:48 PM
On The Spot ~ Clay Guida

Clay Guida, born Charles Guida on December 8th, 1981 in Round Lake, Illinois, burst on to the mainstream MMA scene in late 2006 with a submission victory over Justin James at UFC 64.

Up until that point, Guida had been working as both a unionized and non-unionized carpenter while training and fighting in his spare time, compiling a professional record of 20-6. Hence his nickname, The Carpenter. Carpentry was not his only profession, as he also spent time in Alaska on a crab fishing vessel, but it was MMA that was always in the back of Clay's mind.

Clay found his passion for combat sports through wrestling in high school. He carried his interest on to Harper Jr. College, and though he was not as decorated as some of his colleagues, he helped his team to claim a national title. He also served as assistant wrestling coach for Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois, during the 2005-2006 season.

'The Carpernter' burst onto the UFC scene at "UFC 64: Unstoppable" when he took on Justin James. Since then he has earned a lot of fans from his never say die attitude, the non-stop pace he keeps, and of course his signature look. I recently got to sit down with him and discuss his upcoming fight with Diego Sanchez, his training schedule, and even got to find out what breakfast cereal he likes.

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BT: How's training going for the Diego Fight?
CG: It's going good. Training couple times a day, morning and afternoon. Just counting down the days.

BT: Was this a fight you sought out or one that was offered to you?
CG: We asked for this fight. We figured this was a fight that would get us to a title shot.

BT: What are your thoughts on Diego?
CG: I think he is mistaken if he thinks he can just roll through the 155lb division.

BT: Your previous fight against Nate Diaz was a great fight, but what do you think of his complaint about you ???just hugging him for 15 minutes????
CG: Hey a fight is a fight. I fight to win fights, and be smart and have a smart game plan. I used to just scrap, now I make them fight my fight, and dictate where the fight goes. I think bringing people into your world is the mark of a good champion. He can say what he wants, but we were on the feet swinging. And you don't win ???Fight of the Night??? if you hug someone for fifteen minutes.

BT: What's your training regimen like in general? You have a crazy pace and everyone wants to know how you have that kind of cardio.
CG: A lot of strength and explosion, and things like that. But really, in the cage I am just having too much fun. I don't have time to be tired. And if you can't go for fifteen or twenty-five minutes, you don't deserve to have that belt.


BT: Who are some potential opponents you would like to fight?
CG: Diego Sanchez is the only person I want to fight. I eat, sleep, and think about smashing this guy and letting him climb back up the ladder.

BT: Any thoughts on cutting down to 145 lbs and going to the WEC?
CG: Um, anything is possible. But I haven't felt the pressure at 155 to cut down.

BT: What weight do you typically walk around at?
CG: I'm light. Around 165 lbs.


BT: What has been your toughest fight to date? And, on the same token, which fight did you learn the most from?
CG: Every fight I learn from, and I think I need to evolve from every fight. The fight that was the toughest??????? All of my UFC fights have been. Tyson [Griffin] was a tough fight; that had everything.


BT: What would it take to get you to shave your hair?
CG: A lot of money and a really hot chick.


BT: Any sponsors you wish to thank?
CG: MMA Stop, Chicago Carpenters Union, Silver Star (will be putting out my new shirt),, and I want to thank you guys for all of the support.

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