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May 7, 2009, 06:41 PM
OK, guys, lets go. Lets start with Romo. Say what you want but you can't argue with the numbers. His numbers through 39 starts are better then some of the greats of this game. Favre, Young, Aikman, Staubach, Fouts, Bradshaw, P. Manning and Montana himself. Hes thrown for over 10,300 yards and 78 touchdowns. He has had very strong games. True, he hasn't been as successful in December although he played reasonably well in his 2 playoff games. Can you say he played badly vs. the Giants whose defense beat the mighty Pats offense? Wasn't it Fasano who dropped a TD and Crayton who dropped a first down pass in the game? Romo held his own. He played well vs. the Seahawks too. My thoughts are that we can't be sure he can't play well in December for the rest of his career. Here in NY, the fans thought Manning was a big mistake. Well he ended up winning a SB. There is no way you can be sure hes a choke artist. None at all. A little reminder, the line has to block well for any QB, NO ONE DOES WELL WITHOUT PROTECTION! NO ONE. Favre didn't get protection from the Jets in the last 5 games and he folded. Our line has to protect Romo. This guy has great potential. No question about it. I was astonished of his numbers when I compiled them. Romo will win in December, you wait and see. Apparently some defensive players see greatness in Romo as they put him in the pro bowl twice? Whats that about GMs!?
Some of you yoyos are sitting here saying Roy Williams sucks. In his rookie year he had over 800 yards receiving with Harrington? Remember him? The guy is a 3rd string QB no better.. So with a pro bowler like Romo you are saying he won't get 1,000? You are characters. When Williams finally got a QB, in Kitna, Roy promptly put up 1300+ yards and made a pro bowl. The following year he was on pace for 1,100 yards before he got hurt in game 12. In 08, Williams came in with a primadonna WR. who was the #1 go to guy of the receivers just about every play. And TO failed to get it done. Owen's numbers in December were 61 yards per game. Is that a #1 receiver average? No. Williams will come up big this year. He was an outstanding college receiver at Texas, Amazing how some of you fans who say Williams sux are saying Maclin and Nicks make our division foes better!? Excuse me, have any of those guys put up 1300 and been in a pro bowl like Williams. ? He will do well for us. He put up over 200 yards in a game at Philly in 07. This guy is not a bum. You guys blow him off, baloney. The Cowboys will win 10 to a 11 games with their running backs who'll open up the passing game even more. Felix Jones and Tashard Choice are going to be outstanding this year. Our special teams will make our field position much better. We won't be minus over 300 yards in penalties and we won't be -11 in turnovers. We won't have 5 or 6 starters miss games. Keep your head up guys! We'll be fine. The 12 year thing will be over in 09. "Cowboys fans will dine and Haters will whine in 09" Sounds like a t-shirt saying!


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