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May 7, 2009, 11:08 PM
As Eagles fans, we have been used to having a competitive team take the field every September for the last decade. This year kind of has that buzz, excitement, and anticipation of 04. With the free agent signings, the trades, and the draft...on paper this team is as complete as it has ever been. Barring any types of injuries, the 0-line plus FB Weaver should dominate the ground game with Westbrook and McCoy running and catching. The WR's on the outside are very fast with Jackson, Curtis, and Maclin. Avant has been clutch in the slot. TE Celek came on strong down the stretch in 08 and had a very good post-season. The addition of Ingram will only push him harder, for it is his job to lose. Competition brings out the best in players and the TE position is looking very nice. At the post draft camp Ingram caught everything thrown his way and displayed his speed, and hands with acrobatic catches and wowed the coaches. He might turn out to be a huge 5th rd. steal. There is a lot to be optimistic about as far as the offense. We made it to the NFC Championship game last year, and the offense taking the field this year looks much more impressive.
The defense should be as good as last year, if not better. Mikell and Demps should be a much faster SS, and FS duo. Jones is a capable starter at S as well. The CB position is loaded and should give J.J. many options to work his magic with exotic packages and blitzes. The LB's are very promising and so is the DT rotation. If DE Abiamiri can take pressure off of Cole, by creating his own,(he only played 1/2 a season with wrist injury) the DE's will also be strong with a nice rotation of Parker, Howard, and Clemons.
Special Teams...were do I begin? Jackson, Demps, Hobbs, and Maclin...throw in Westbrook too, can all take it to the house. Field position is important and we have lots of weapons back there to get the job done.
The off-season of 09 was not a make-over, or a rebuild. They tweaked critical positions with significant upgrades of youth and athleticism, and had a mega- draft. One of the best under Andy Reid and Co. It was like the stars aligned, and some luck kicked in too. They got a pro-bowl LT with the 28th. With Moreno taken by Denver, and DHB and Crabtree taken, it allowed a WR/returner who had a top 10 grade to fall into their laps. They also had a 1st rd. grade on McCoy, but were able to hold their breaths and snatch him in the 2nd with the 53rd. Then it got crazy. What they got for compensation for sliding down and out of the next couple rounds is remarkable. And they kept their fingers crossed and still got the man they wanted in TE Ingram. Without upcoming compensation picks coming from Dawk, Buck, and Smith...we already have 11 draft picks in 2010.
It is a great time to be an Eagles fan, the future is looking bright. The team has fortified the lines, skill positions, depth at other positions, and has the flexibility to turn some of those 11 (plus comp. picks) into 1st,2nd, or 3rd rd. picks next year. This is a top shelf organization, one of the best without a title. My only hope is at some point they extend McNabbs contract and keep him an Eagle until he retires from football. He still has the talent, and great command of the he has the surrounding cast. Let's make some Super-bowl runs and take home some Lombardi's.
Can you say Dynasty? Can't wait for September!!!! Go Eagles!!!


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