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May 8, 2009, 09:41 AM
In the late 80's Marty Schottenheimer was your Head Coach and you had STABILITY in the following areas:

1. Head Coach - Marty
2. Quarterback - Bernie
3. Running Backs - Byner
4 Tight End - Ozzie Newsome
5. Wide Receiver - Webster Slaughter & Reggie Langhorne
6. Center - Mike Baab
7. Linebackers -Eddie Johnson, Clay Matthews & Chip Banks
8 Tackle - Cody Risien
9. Cornerbacks - Dixon & Minniefield
10. Def End - Carl Hairston & Sam Clancy
11. Full Back - Kevin Mack
12. Safety - Don Rogers would have been had he not died and I think that was the difference in your team not making the Super Bowl.

Current Team - Dysfunctional in the following ares

1. Head Coach - Romeo was fired after taking a weak team to a 10 win season two years ago.
2. Quarterback - Is it Ratliff, Quinn or Anderson?
3. Running Back - Is it Jamal or is Mangini going to bring in one of his boys?
4. Tight End - Who is going to replace K2?
5. Wide Receiver - Will Edwards be with the team this fall?
6. Linebackers Wimbley had an awful year. Will Mangini stick with him? Who else will be starting at LB? D'Qwell Jackson appears to be the only sure starter.
7. Center - Will the rookie be given his position or will he earn it?
8. Def. End - Will Robaire Smith be benched in favor of Kenyon Coleman?
9. Safety - Who will replace Sean Jones? Better yet, will they be effective?

That leaves, 2 CB's, 1 DT, 1 LB, 2 OL that have STABILITY

OF the 22 starters on Offense and Defense you currently have 6 positions that appear to be filled, compared with 16 entering your last GOOD teams.

The '86 team only consists of 1 Hall of Famer and what I feel are three really good players outside of Ozzie (Mike Baab, Cody Risien & Chip Banks). Minnifield & Dixon were over rated, that team gave up too many points and they let Elway drive down the field on them like they weren't there.

The '09 team has one potential HoF player (Joe Thomas) and three GOOD players (Eric Wright, Steinbach and Sean Rogers)

The moral of the story is that even though the '86 roster was NOT loaded with HoF players, they had STABILITY in the organization. The current team has INSTABILITY spread throughout the organization. That is the current PROBLEM.


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