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May 10, 2009, 02:32 PM
Ok I get that Lane Kiffin has not been exactly "perfect" yet. I know he has said some things that should not be said. But He had every right to be concerned with the L.I.O of WR Nu'Keese Richardson on signing day. The principal is a grad and booster of The University of Florida. On the principals school site he says that he wants the kids in the school to better themselves and go on to college. But, the coach recently would not let Kiffin or UT coaches into Pahokee HS to recruit any players. Kiffin publicly appologized for his remarks. I believe that this is a little bit biased and personal for the principal. I even understand the stance that he doesn't want to be around the coaches, but ultimatly it is the kids decision on what school they go to. I feel that this is wrong just as Kiffin was of his remarks about Pahokee. If you want your kids to go to college, why lock out a school? This has more to do with the principals outtake on Kiffin, instead of the well being of the students that may want to go to The University of Tennessee.

I know that there will be comments about, Well Kiffin shouldn't have said it. Or that some things should remain to ones' self. I agree but to take the opportunity or at least the idea of going to a school just because you have a personal issue with the school is wrong. I admit to being an avid Vol fan. But if I was a principal, I would put my personal issues aside and let the kid make the choice they need to make. If a student has the opportunity to get out of poverty, better themselves, or make a better life for theirselves and families, I don't think it should be up to the principal to decide. Yes, Kiffin has made several mistakes so far, but he also brings a good understanding to the college. On top of demanding a kids best on the field, all players are required to sit in the first two rows in class, are held accountable for their actions, and are given the opportunity to shine on the field for a historic team and university. I feel this should have some weight with the NCAA or Florida High Schools! How is it fair to lock a team out and not let them talk to players at the school, but allow others? I think that all parties involved need to learn to be grown, and realize that this isn't so much about a Gator/Vols rivalry in sports, but it is a decision that can turn a kids future around.


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