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May 14, 2009, 09:53 PM
Coming to Chicago will be like the peace train! Statistically and CHANGE is coming! Considering there are 900 million people to be more exact Chicago- Naperville- Joliet, IL-IN-WI 9,569,684 so the murder rate was highest in NW Indiana per population that is considered Chicago Metro. The near South Side is extremely well policed, with the most modern technology (including cameras that call police), new police stations the best in the world, and the extreme South Side is getting better. There is a huge movement to rehab all Halsted Street up the south side from Kennedy-King College to the city. Within four years they could actually have it cleaned up the crime scene pretty well. Poverty does breed crime the City is the City of Change! It went from State Street the longest Ghetto in the world in the early 1900???s to a modern miracle from poverty stricken people to a marvelous middle class. Yes Obama will with the Mayors whoever they may be in the future will CHANGE Chicago. You can bet your money Obama will back Chicago. For a long time the areas of crime have been making a comeback because the people in these areas have guts. Many of them are Soldiers policing Iraq National guard and Sheriff???s who weekend warriors were. These are some of the most level headed and toughest people in the world. You can bet your money it will host the Olympics and the entire South side will be revitalized in part because that is going to happen anyway and then the Olympics will give it a huge shot in the arm to cure its ills of poverty. Statistically look where you live per population of crime for comparison to population. Come back in 3 years look again at these statistics. Chicago has hotels travel and so many restaurants what city could ever compare. The scenery with more bridges than any city the waterfront of the largest freshwater lake in the world. Two huge airports that are used to conventions and one with a major expansion underway to handle the world and international flights. Everyone will want to come to Chicago when this happens even you non-believers???. Come one everybody get on the peace train to Chicago 2016 Olympics. I have never heard of any battery if people keep their mouth shut about Chicagoians and mind their own business don't chase other peoples spouses and don't make racial remarks. Smile say hello you will fit right in Chicago has someone from everywhere in the world; who call Chicago home. The housing looks great now on the Southside is the best buy in the world right now, cuase it is going to rock come 2016. Chicago has something for everyone. Little do people know about the University of Chicago throughout the southside and IIT housing many foriegners now its a real mixed bag and the homes were the finest in the world in the 50's. Homes on SOuth Halsted Street and Garfield most exotic and some from South of 39tyh street in Canaryville are amoung the top to watch, others been abandoned in the 1960's by the white exoudus they have made a huge comeback from the Irish Italian and Obama's generation all of whom are Americans that will make the USa strong. That is why Chicago will get the Olymipics in 2016.
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