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May 26, 2009, 11:48 PM
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On The Spot ~ Paul Daley

Semtex is described as plastic explosive. Paul ???Semtex??? Daley is described as human explosive. The native of Nottingham, England is one the best and most powerful fighters in mixed martial arts today. Sporting a 21-8-2 record, with 17 of his victories coming via explosive power, Daley is among the brightest stars in the sport. Fighting primarily out of Europe, Daley has begun to make an impression on American fans. His big punches and aggressive attitude have caught the eye of many promotions, making him one of the most sought after welterweights anywhere in the world.

Daley began training martial arts at the age of seven. It wasn???t long before he was studying film of early UFC fights and fighters. Then came his introduction to Muay Thai kickboxing. The rest would be history. Now fighting out of U.K.???s Team RoughHouse, with such stars as Dan ???the Outlaw??? Hardy, and The Ultimate Fighter star Andre Winner, he has moved his way up the welterweight ranks. He recently fought Jake Shields for the Elite XC title and has also clashed with Nick Thompson and John Alessio. News recently broke linking Daley to Affliction and their third event. MMA Spot???s J. Andrew Yount caught up with the personable powerhouse to discuss the Affliction news, his travels, and training. See what one of the best pound for pound strikers in the sport has to say about these and other topics.Daley v Alessio


MMA Spot: Can you give us more information concerning your next fight?
Paul Daley: We're in talks with Affliction about a possible fight in August, against Jay Hieron.

Spot: I saw where your management said it wasn't locked in, but assuming that the deal is finalized, do you know much about Jay Hieron? What are you expecting from him?
Daley: He???s a tough guy, good wrestler, and good boxing. I expect him to come to fight; he is good at all ranges. So I think he won???t have much of a game plan until he gets hit, then he will be trying to take me down.

Spot: How did fighting for Affliction come about? Did they come looking for you or have you had talks with them in the past?
Daley: We were approached by Affliction. Evidently, a few people in the Affliction offices seem to be a fan of my brash fighting style.


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