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June 14, 2009, 11:43 PM
The Knicks need a big man to play center, grab a rebound and block a shot. Curry, Wilcox (if he's resigned) aren't doing it. Hasheem Thabeet will be gone before they draft, even though they want to get Stephan Curry. Here is the reality of the draft.

Thabeet and Curry will be drafted in the first 8 picks or so, and the Knicks will not get a dominant bigman or a strong shooting PG/SG to take over for Chris Duhon. So what do you get with the 8th pick. Here's what you do:

The Knicks have no draft pick in 2010, it is going to Utah fora Stephan Marbury trade years ago. Therefore, the logical choice is to get a C by other means. The most practical bigman around are the following:

Joe Pryzbella Trailblazers: He's a very good underated center, and is not in Portlands longterm plans because they have Greg Oden to get more time this season.

Marcus Camby and Deandre Jordan: Both these guys play center. With the anticipated drafting of Blake Griffin, Camby is pushed down the depth chart while Jordan is pushed off it. I bet the Clippers are hoping someone will help them to take a center or two off of the roster for them.

My thoughts are to trade the 8th pick and Quentin Richardson to the Blazers for Joel Pryzbella and the Blazers 24th pick. Maybe they can even get fancy with it and try to get the Blazers 2010 pick as well so they can actually draft a player. Pryzbella is a center that statistically grabs 15+ rebounds per 40 minutes, and blocks over 2 shots a game. His cap number is even to Q Rich's. Portland gets another shooter to play alongside B-Roy and the Knicks get a shotblocker and strong rebounder.

This trade will enable them to have a decent center and another pick in the first round at pick 24. With that pick they could go in a number of directions such as pick up a SG to groom behind Larry Hughes this year. Wayne Ellington would be my pick. They could also pick up a pretty good PG as the odds are that either Ty Lawson, Jeff Teague could slide a bit. Terrance Williams would be another good player to handle the ball and score in a number of ways. Now the team is evened out with a defensive minded center, a PG or SG to back up Duhon if Nate leaves.

Last thing is after the season the team cannot sign both Nate and Dave Lee. One of these guys isn't gonna make it. My guess is Lee. He's a good player but there are a boatload of 6'9 PF's that can rebound. Utah's got Paul Millsap and Boozer. Boston has Leone Powe. Miami has Udonis Haslem. Fact is, it is not that hard to find a rebounding PF as his main craft. Because of that, I say trade Lee this season before he gets the chance to walk away for free. His 2.6 million cap figure means you can trade him straight for draft picks . Chris Wilcox, Jarred Jeffries, and Al Harrington can handle the PF position. It's addition by subtraction.

It may be harder to get something back for D. Lee than Nate, but they should try to deal him to the Heat, Warriors, or Wizards as those are the teams that are most lacking in PF talent. With the exception of Miami, they have young talent or low draft picks to offer in trade. While getting rid of good players is not what you want to do, it beats letting them walk away free agents in 2010.


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