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June 25, 2009, 01:53 PM
Burress Wants To Be A Buc
Posted by Mike Florio on June 17, 2009, 8:13 a.m. EDT
Now that it???s becoming increasingly clear that receiver Plaxico Burress won???t be standing trial on felony weapons charges until after the 2009 season has come and gone, the process of finding a new team for Burress has commenced in earnest.

According to Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times, Burress has reached out to members of the Buccaneers to express an interest in joining the team. He reportedly has contacted running back Derrick Ward and receiver Antonio Bryant.

The development was acknowledged by first-year coach Raheem Morris on Tuesday.

???He???s a great player,??? Morris said. ???Any time you get a chance to add a great player to your team, you definitely have got to have some sort of interest. We don???t know what???s going on with his legal problems, we don???t know what???s going on with the suspensions in the league. Until we get all that stuff resolved, it???s not even worth talking about.???

As to the legal problems, the widespread consensus is that there will be no trial in 2009. If prosecutors were intent on rushing this case into the courtroom, they wouldn???t have agreed to a three-month continuance in March 2009, or to another three-month continuance more recently on Monday.

As to the possibility of a suspension, we recently explained that Commissioner Roger Goodell previously indicated that, because Burress is a first-time offender, no suspension will be imposed until his court case is resolved.

For those who still think that Goodell will smack Burress with a multi-game penalty once he signs with a new team, why would Goodell wait? It???s one thing for Goodell to defer a decision on the Mike Vick case until Vick is officially released from custody; it???s quite another for Goodell to withhold judgment simply because a player currently isn???t on an NFL roster.

Though we???re too lazy to do the research, we generally recall unsigned players being suspended. (Feel free to do the research for us, and to identify the names and circumstances in the comments.)

So we think that Burress essentially has a green light to play this year, and that unless potentially interested teams figure that out, someone like the Bucs might get him for peanuts.


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